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Pub Goer Uses Stool And Pot Plant To Stop Machete Wielding Thief

Pub Goer Uses Stool And Pot Plant To Stop Machete Wielding Thief

Get that man a beer.

Whenever a robbery unfolds, it's hard to know what to do. Most people will tell you to just comply with the demands and hopefully you'll get out of the situation unscathed.

But then there are those people who will tell you to just get all animalistic and do everything you can to stop them.

Which is kind of what a bloke did in Queensland when he saw his beloved pub being robbed by a machete-wielding thief.

The thief came into the Gold Coast pub holding the massive knife and demanded $1,500 cash from behind the counter. While his sights were trained on the staffer, they weren't counting on a bloke coming up from behind and hurling a sturdy looking stool at him.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Dane Sheraton told 9 News: "He has attacked the offender. He's used a poker machine bar stool to protect himself and at one stage he's also thrown a pot plant at the offender.

"I think it was very much a spur of the moment (thing), a reflex action by him, it's very courageous."

The pub goer chased the wannabe thief out the door and even crash tackled him to the ground, yelling at him to drop the cash.

He even picked up a pot plant to stop the robbery.
9 News

The robber obliged but managed to escape, with Queensland police now on the hunt for him.

There's no word about the condition of the makeshift hero but we're hoping he was served a very tall, very cold beer for his efforts.

Hell, give him free beer for life for essentially stopping a robbery.

While that might take the cake for most brazen robbery foiling of the year, there's a candidate for lamest attempt.

A guy walked into the Clontarf shop last month and quickly pulled out a decent sized knife (Cue 'You call that a knife' comments). The barefoot bandit says what seems like a couple of words and then he 'yeah, nahs' the robbery incredibly quickly.

The bloke is genuinely only in the store for 15 seconds before he leaves.

Whether it was because he noticed a car coming into the parking area or because he realised he wasn't going to get anything from the guy behind the counter is anyone's guess but good god it was a lame attempt at a robbery.

Not that we're advocating for the bloke to have escalated his attempt and we're happy the store attendant wasn't harmed.

Featured Image Credit: 9 News

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