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A Justin Bieber Look-A-Like Sex Doll Is On Sale, If You're Interested

A Justin Bieber Look-A-Like Sex Doll Is On Sale, If You're Interested

The fully customisable doll is on sale for £1000.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you've still got that one last awkward person to buy for then why not consider splashing out on this not at all terrifying Justin Bieber-look-alike sex doll.

Imagine popping 'round to your mates and seeing this. Credit: AliExpress

The dolls, which are on sale at AliExpress, will set you back £1000. Now, that might sound a bit pricey, but buyers can choose the penis size ranging from seven to nine inches, apparently, so when you put it like that, who can afford to not have one, eh?

Can you imagine the look on your loved one's face come Christmas day when they unwrap this and shout, 'its just what I've always wanted'?

The male sex doll is not an official likeness of the Canadian pop-star, of course, but fans are falling over themselves to get their greasy paws on one, reports the Sun.

I mean, hairstyle aside, I have to admit that I don't really see the likeness. But that's maybe because I'm so creeped out by the thing that it's lost on me. Who knows.

According to the dolls description: "This sex doll is made from the most advanced medical thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE) with a full metal skeleton.

"The doll's inner structure is metal skeleton and joint, it can flexibly do all sorts of different sexy poses.

"This sex doll's pretty face is sculptured by an experienced sculptor."

So, arguably, in many ways, better than a real person.

This isn't the doll. This is the singer. Credit: PA

The doll is fully customisable from the skin tone, to the colour of the finger nails and hair and will be discreetly shipped to customers, which is probably a relief.

The doll stands at 160cm (about 5ft 2in) so it doesn't quite measure up to the real deal, but I'm sure fans won't let that put them off. At this point, I'm wondering what would put them off to be honest.

The site also promises that the doll can be used for three years, or longer, 'subject to daily usage habit and maintenance'. And on that note, I'd like to say, that's enough Internet for one day folks. I'm done. I'm closing this laptop and going to spend time with the people I love.

Featured Image Credit: AliExpress

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