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Tom Brady Roasted On Twitter For Dressing Like Melania Trump

Tom Brady Roasted On Twitter For Dressing Like Melania Trump

Tom Brady is actually Melania Trump. Or, at least, that's what Twitter reckons.

Remember the time Donald Trump seemed to use a fake version of his wife for an interview? Well, we can now reveal to you that Melania was not standing next to the President - new evidence suggests The Donald was in fact stood alongside the New England Patriots' quarterback and four-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.


Not only that, Brady also appeared wearing his Melania costume tonight on the way to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Naturally, the Internet has noticed. On Twitter, Grant Bisbee posted a picture of the two and said: "I can't be the only one who sees this".

The tweet was followed by a long list of jibes, with Brady's look compared to everything from 'five kids, standing on shoulders, stuffed in a giant coat' to 'the overconfident european assassin who dies in the last twenty minutes of an action movie'.


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Returning to where we came in, there was also this intriguing offering:

So there you have it. Tom Brady is masquerading as the First Lady of the United States of America.

Of course, we have to entertain the possibility that it actually was Melania Trump who was standing there next to her husband on the White House lawn, and perhaps it just seems as if everything that comes out of his mouth is some sort of bizarre conspiracy cover-up.

FYI, it probably was actually Melania Trump - she took her glasses off and it really looked like her later on in the event.

However, in these times in which we live where everything seems so strange and unusual, is it really that strange to think that the President might be using a body double of his wife?

As another Twitter user put it at the time: "You know, I want to say 'of course that's Melania, not a body double' but things are generally too weird in 2017 to rule anything out."

Doesn't look like 2018 is getting any less weird - especially for Tom Brady.

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