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We've Been Eating Pineapple Wrong This Whole Time

We've Been Eating Pineapple Wrong This Whole Time

Pineapples are actually just a collection of berries that can be picked apart and eaten individually.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

As you grow up, you become accustomed to how things are because that's the way it's always been and why the hell would you question it?

But every now and then, someone comes around and tells you that you've been approaching something wrong the whole time.


That couldn't be more relevant than with the humble pineapple. It tastes great, looks kind of funky but as always been a bit of a mission to chop up.

It's not like an apple where you can just bite into the skin or peel it like a banana, no, no, no, it's more like the juicy watermelon where you have to slave away, carefully slicing off the outside to get to the delicious fruit.

However, one person has been bold enough to show us there is another way of eating pineapple. Oh, and a warning, you probably will want to watch this video without sound.

If you watched that video with sound then you can't be mad because we did warn you. For those who did heed our advice, the only noise in the video is the filmmaker chewing at an ungodly decibel.

The video was first uploaded to TikTok and then onto Twitter, where people have been venting their surprise, shock and horror at the discovery.

"It's crazy we been doing shit the wrong way for like 50 years and then out of nowhere Twitter making us feel like idiots," wrote one viewer.

"Should I just drop out of college now or? Why am I learning more on this app!?" said another.

One person stepped in to explain why this simple hack exists with the pineapple.


They wrote: "You can do this because pineapples are actually berries. As the fruit grows the individual berries coalesce together. Each 'eye' is a single individual berry. They may seem fused together, but if you start from the top, you can pluck each eye one by one."

Excuse us while take a moment to contemplate why it's taken this long for someone to point this out.

It's similar to the video showing how you're supposed to use salt and pepper shakers when they're not doling out the goodness.

You're supposed to use the bottom of the other one and complete circular motions, meaning the bumps on the underside create vibrations that make more salt or pepper come out.

Yeah, another mind blowing experience.

Don't say we don't teach you anything.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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