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Woman Delivers Revealing Letter About Cheating Husband To All Her Neighbours

Woman Delivers Revealing Letter About Cheating Husband To All Her Neighbours

Featured image credit: Georgia Facebook/Universal Pictures

There are a number of sayings about cheating but none more so accurate than:

"Cheating is not an accident. Falling off a bike is an accident. You don't just trip and fall into a vagina."

Unless your flip flops break at an inopportune moment on a nudist beach, ain't nobody tripping and falling into a woman's... area. And how often do you go to nudist beaches? Exactly.


One man who certainly didn't accidentally cheat on his wife is Richard. We don't really know much about Richard except that he and another man's wife have been having some forbidden fun behind their spouses' backs.

And how do we know? Well, 22-year-old Georgia received a note through her letter box (not a letter, before you all get on your high horse about opening someone else's mail) which had all the sordid details of the affair inside.

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After a quick chat with Georgia, it turns out she wasn't the only one who was let in on the two family's dirty laundry as loads of people in the neighbourhood have been spotted with similar notes handing them to the cheating wife.

"I wouldn't open someone else's letter. I was so shocked to receive it and don't know what to do with it," Georgia told TheLADbible. "Although I did find it hilarious at the same time."

Georgia says she's just going to wait until she sees the husband before giving it to him but still isn't really too sure what to do with it.

Put yourself in Georgia's shoes. What are you honestly doing with that letter? Because I don't have a fucking clue.


Words by George Pavlou

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