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A Puzzle Company Is Selling A Jigsaw That Is Completely See-Through

A Puzzle Company Is Selling A Jigsaw That Is Completely See-Through

The long hours will just fly by...

Remember we told you about the 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that is called 'Pure Hell' because it is completely blank?

Well, if you bought that and have already completed it by now, how about having a crack at another horrific puzzle - this time, it's totally see-through.

Even though we're in a state of lockdown right now, there have got to be better ways to spend your time than getting stuck into this puzzle.

How about firing a drone off to a neighbour asking them for a date, or building a replica of a Cornish beach in your living room?

No? OK then.


If you're thinking about making your life even more miserable, head on over to an Etsy shop called LittleFlowerPotShop and take on the challenge of completing this jigsaw that comes with absolutely no point of reference to work with.

There are four different versions to choose from, and - thank your lucky stars - none of them are as fiendish as the 2,000 piece Japanese blank canvas one.

This puzzle comes in levels of difficulty that range from nine pieces, up through 25 pieces, to the hard version consisting of 49, and the 'crazy' version which has 144 tiny see-through pieces.


Should you be sat there itching to take up this bizarre challenge, you'll have to part with a bit of cash to start with.

Pricing for the custom puzzles start at £14.33, with an extra £11.63 to have it internationally shipped to the UK. Unfortunately - depending on which way you look at it - they've already sold out of the hardest two puzzles.

That said, they're looking at getting them back into stock for April, so we can only hope - again, depending on your outlook - that they can get enough in to cope with the surging demand.

To be quite honest, you might be as well get a large piece of transparent plastic and bash it up with a hammer.


Sure, the pieces might not be as easy to put together, but you'd at least manage to get some pent-up aggression out.

As for that Japanese 'Hell' puzzle, that comes in two versions - 1,000 or 2,000 pieces - and is made by a company called Beverly Japan that specialises in board games and jigsaws.

Beverly Japan

It's a difficult call as to whether it is easier to put together something that is completely white or completely see-through, but you can bet that someone will have a go - until we're allowed to go to the pub again, at least.

Featured Image Credit: Etsy/LittleFlowerPotShop

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