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Australian Aviation Authorities Investigate Man Fishing While Being Carried By Drone

Australian Aviation Authorities Investigate Man Fishing While Being Carried By Drone

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority is currently investigating a video that appears to show a man using a drone to lift himself off the floor in a chair before casting out a line and going fishing.

Of course, this sort of thing could only happen in Australia. He's even got a bottle of Victoria Bitter in a cup holder next to him. Strewth.


Whether or not this against any aviation laws is not yet clear. You've got to admit that it looks like a whole heap of fun, though.

The footage was uploaded to the Facebook page of a Brisbane-based drone seller called UAV Me earlier this month and it shows the bloke sitting in a metal chair, being carried several metres above the waters of the Upper Coliban Reservoir in central Victoria state.

He's got his beer, he's got his fishing rod... he's got it figured out, you'd have to think.

In the video the man even appears to get a bit of success with his rod.


The guy reels in a fish on his line before being carried back to shore by the drone.

This brave chair-borne airborne maverick is identified in the video as Sam Foreman. That's about all we know, really.

Naturally, the authorities have been quick to say that this is - of course - a really silly idea.

For the record, LADbible does not encourage you to strap yourself to a propeller-powered drone - or a propeller-powered anything for that matter - and go floating around above bodies of water.

CASA spokesperson Peter Gibson told Aussie news channel ABC: "It's really not a sensible thing to do in any way, shape, or form; there's lots of things that could have gone wrong, someone could have been seriously injured."

Credit: UAV Me/Facebook
Credit: UAV Me/Facebook

Oh, and if they're found guilty of any law-breaking, they could be in for a decent whack of a fine.

Severe breaches of aviation regulations often carry fines that are greater than AUD $10,000 (£5,500 / US $6,700). So, while it's a funny stunt, it could yet prove to be an expensive one.

Gibson continued: "It'll take some time for us to gather the information, analyse all that [and] determine what the appropriate course of action is."

It's worth remembering that this is, after all, a fairly dangerous activity.

Credit: UAV Me/Facebook
Credit: UAV Me/Facebook

Gibson pointed out: "For the person on the chair, the risk could be computer errors where the aircraft flies away, [or there] could be motor failures where the aircraft ends up in an uncontrollable state.

"Best-case scenario is the battery sets die and it plonks straight into the water."

Surely the best case scenario was that he enjoyed a beer, caught a fish and went back to the shoreline?

But hey, what do we know?

Featured Image Credit: UAV Me/Facebook

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Tom Wood is a LADbible journalist and Twin Peaks enthusiast. Despite having a career in football cut short by a chronic lack of talent, he managed to obtain degrees from both the University of London and Salford. According to his French teacher, at the weekends he mostly likes to play football and go to the park with his brother.” Contact Tom on [email protected]

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