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Google Maps: What Are People Doing In These Bizarre Street View Photos?

Google Maps: What Are People Doing In These Bizarre Street View Photos?

We have no idea what most of these people are doing, and maybe that’s not important

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Google Maps is a strange place - as you might expect from a company that has basically mapped every single street on the planet (except for a few spots, Hi North Korea!).

There are all sorts of things you can find on there - abandoned spy planes, wardrobe malfunctions, aliens having a fag on a balcony in France, LOTS of people caught in compromising positions.

You also occasionally see something that is just bizarre.

So here are a couple of things that keep showing up every now and again, the things that are just downright odd. Sometimes NSFW, always WTF - Google Maps is a great way to waste your time.

Let's start with a pretty big category - the gross. People think that they are alone in their car, and we've all found ourselves belting a song out too loud or talking to ourselves in the car.

Well, this guy didn't realise that he had the all seeing eye of Google trained on him at the exact moment that he decided to have a good old fashioned rummage around in his nose.

Hope He Didnt 'Pick n Flick'.
Google Maps

Serves you right, mate. Get your finger out of there - your head will cave in.

There's also a good amount of people who just appear to have been caught short. When nature calls, you just gotta go.

Like this guy who is pissing on his car (at least I hope it is his car)

This Guy Was Caught Short Taking A Leak.
Google Maps

There are also some things that get caught that seem as if they might be staged, but that still doesn't explain them in a satisfactory fashion.

Look at this fight to the death. What is really weird about this picture is where this battle is taking place. It just looks to be on a patch of land on the edge of a small industrial unit. Maybe this is just normal to some people.

You May Wonder WTF is going on.. We do.
Google Maps

There's also someone just about to cross the road in Asia wearing a huge oversized female cartoon head. Turns out this was actually part of a filming set and the costume was just an actor. Still looks weird tho.

Let's end on this one - good luck explaining what the hell is going on here. I'm glad they look so happy though.

WTF Is Happening Here?
Google Maps.

Thanks, Google Maps.

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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