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Halo Eyebrows Are Apparently A Thing If You Want To Switch Things Up

Halo Eyebrows Are Apparently A Thing If You Want To Switch Things Up

If you've been struggling to find a new way to do your eyebrows, then do we have a treat for you

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

As an outsider looking in, make-up looks exhausting and expensive.

While it's awesome to have a bigger range of things to express your identity, I just couldn't fathom having to have a daily make-up routine and subsequent removal process.

But for the billions of women (and men) around the world who wake up each day and wonder what to do with their eyebrows, we're here to tell you there's a new way to transform them and your whole head and face.


Introducing 'Halo Brows' and they're pretty much exactly how they sound. Instead of having two distinctive eyebrows above each eye, why not combine them with some make-up to give your face a holier look.

Teenage beauty blogger Hannah Lyne claims to have invented the look, telling POPSUGAR: "I was having a conversation with a friend trying to come up with a new idea for a look, and all of a sudden it came to me that I should connect my brow tails.

"This look was influenced by fishtail brows; seeing the way my brow flicked upwards inspired the idea of just carrying the brow on until it met in the middle."

If you're cocking your head and asking me wtf fishtail brows are, rest assured, all will be explained. It's kind of like normal eyebrows, except there's a small bit shaved off and you add a flick up to give off guessed tail.

You'd have to be well dedicated to that considering you'd have to reapply it every day until the hair in the gap grew back.

But if you think that's 'peak brow', then you clearly haven't seen Maccies Brows before.

This takes even more effort than the previous two styles as it requires you to glue your existing brows down and virtually colour them in until they're invisible.

Then, and stay with me here, you draw huge lines up your forehead to make yourself look like the Maccies Golden Arches, except instead of golden, it's whatever colour you want.

Why anyone would want to replicate this is beyond me. But then again, I don't wear make-up and therefore have a very limited understanding of the psychology behind different looks.

I have been told that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so I guess eyebrows are like the frames for those windows. You certainly don't want your Mona Lisa to be sitting inside some shitty frames now would you?

Featured Image Credit: hannahdoesmakeupp/Instagram

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