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Instagram Star Claims She Can Reach Climax Using Just Her Mind

Instagram Star Claims She Can Reach Climax Using Just Her Mind

Marcela Iglesias says she prefers achieving an orgasm using her mind instead of actually having sex

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you could achieve an orgasm using just your mind, how many times a day would you test whether it still worked? Would you zone out of phone calls for a quick five minutes? Would you get anything done?

Well, one Instagram star claims that she can climax using her mind - and even prefers it to having sex. But perfecting her technique has come at a price: she had to give up alcohol and meat.

Marcela with her husband.
Jam Press

Marcela Iglesias, 44, is so in-tune with her body that she can easily achieve an orgasm through sheer will power and says it is much more satisfying than having sex or masturbating.

Although getting herself off without touching is now a fairly easy task for the mum-of-one - who has spent years perfecting the technique - there are a few tricks that can help things along, including 'detoxing' her mind.

On top of ensuring she has a clear head, the model - who refers to herself as the 'Queen of Hollywood' on Insta - has given up alcohol, doesn't eat meat and has swapped butter for ghee, all in an effort to achieve better orgasms and 'elevate' her mind.

I mean... that's a lot to give up.

Jam Press
Jam Press

Marcela, who has 361,000 followers on Instagram, said: "I am more like a mind-stimulation person, I don't need to be touched to feel aroused.

"Ambiance is very important but my mind controls the whole situation. I can transfer myself to anywhere that I want.

"My favourite place to let my imagination wander is when I'm driving my supercar around the beach area near my home in LA."

Yeah, we'd all like that tbh.

She continued: "I imagine being on a deserted island where the weather is very hot and the ocean is warm, and nobody is around. Then this amazing being comes from nowhere and he feels very hot, but he doesn't necessarily have to look human. It is more like an energy that I feel.

"I've stopped consuming any type of alcohol, I don't eat acidic foods or meats, I've stopped using toothpaste with fluoride in it and I also consume ghee rather than butter. I want to be as clean as possible so I can elevate my state of mind in different situations."

Jam Press

Marcela added: "I have always been fully satisfied with my sexuality and had a very open mind, but since doing this practice I can achieve such an incredible orgasm."

However, despite her orgasm skills, Marcela also revealed that she got a treatment known as the 'O-Shot' in 2019 to heighten her climaxing experience even further. The treatment is a drug-free, non-surgical solution that uses the patient's own platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

It is injected into the numbed area near the clitoris and upper vagina and claims to give patients increased libido, stronger and more frequent orgasms, greater clitoral arousal and the ability to have vaginal orgasms.

It's all coming out now...

Marcela explained: "It definitely feels more sensitive down there, I would recommend it to anyone. That, combined with my imagination, and I don't need to touch myself or have sex to climax. I'm completely independent."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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