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Bloke Who Hasn’t Pleasured Himself For 421 Days Reveals Results

Bloke Who Hasn’t Pleasured Himself For 421 Days Reveals Results

Many people who undertake this personal journey report having 'more motivation, attentiveness and self-esteem'

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Discovering your body is a normal part of adolescence. While there might be some groups who tell you that it's morally wrong, there are a bunch of health benefits to having a bit of 'me time'.

However, there is a movement, which isn't connected to religion, promoting the supposed benefits of not masturbating. It became popular on Reddit after a thread linked to a Chinese study, which claimed that abstaining from masturbating could raise your testosterone by 45 percent.

Luke Eilers was one of the many people who saw the post and decided to see how long he could hold off from touching himself.

One of the big motivators for trying out the 'No Fap Movement' was Luke's realisation that he was addicted to porn. He says he had quite a lot of shame when he finished watching some racy adult videos. Luke also says he suffered from a lack of motivation, focus and productivity.

Speaking to fellow YouTuber Andrew Hales, Luke explains how he feels since he started his journey: "The way I would describe it is I kind of just feel like 10 percent better in loads of areas like motivation, confidence, energy, mental clarity.

"Lots of people talk about superpowers and it completely changes their life; every once in a while, I would get spurts of that."

Ten percent doesn't seem like a lot after more than a year. Maybe if he waits 4,000 days, he'll get to that golden 100 percent level.


Luke clarifies that he's had sex since banning handy time and even looked at porn, however he hasn't masturbated. He says that as long as you're ejaculating with a partner then that's considered 'healthy'.

He's recently discovered a new 'form' of sex where he and his partner would get down and dirty really slowly for more than an hour, but never complete the act - if you know what I mean. He's yet to try it, but he's very interested.

After discovering these behavioural and physiological changes, Luke has taken it upon himself to go into amateur therapy via Skype and help blokes who are struggling with porn addiction, depression, social anxiety or who want to talk about women.

His interviewer Andrew says he tried No Fap for nine days and also found he had more of a spring in his step.

The subreddit NoFap has more than 285,000 subscribers, also called Fapstronauts, with tons of people submitting their stories and achievements.

Are you ready to join them?

Featured Image Credit: LAHWF/YouTube

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