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​Meet China's 'Miss Bum Bum' Who Has Country's 'Most Beautiful Butt'

​Meet China's 'Miss Bum Bum' Who Has Country's 'Most Beautiful Butt'

Gao Qian is known as China's 'Miss Bum Bum', having won a contest last year that named her derriere the country's best.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

While most people - if they're lucky - might get accolades at work or school like 'most likely to succeed', 'employee of the month' or 'biggest clown', there's one woman who can beat them all, being the proud owner of China's 'most beautiful butt'.

Gao Qian, 20, is known as China's 'Miss Bum Bum', having won a contest last year that named her derriere the country's best.

Hailing from Shenyang City in the north-eastern Liaoning Province, Gao now refers to herself as the 'Asia Ass Queen' and the 'China Ass Champion' - because, well, that's something you'd obviously want to flaunt, let's face it.

The competition was held in her hometown back in 2017, and now Gao has revealed that her victory has turned her life around.


Since being crowned the woman with China's most beautiful backside, Gao has gained some two million social media fans on Weibo and Instagram.

She also live-streams workouts to hundreds of thousands of fans online - and with her winnings she was able to even found her own self-branded studio in Shenyang, where she works as a fitness coach teaching others how they can achieve a similar look.

With her new-found fame and fortune, Gao has said she's been able to buy herself the 'car of her dreams' and 'a home by the sea', as well as the coveted title of a 'national treasure' online.


Of course, her victorious asset is no easy feat to maintain - as seen in the video above, in which Gao can be seen doing her leg raises. These are only a tiny part of her workout, which often includes thousands of squats during gym sessions that can last up to six hours.

I mean, if that's what owning China's best bum involves, you can definitely count most of us out.

The competition Gao won was similar to Brazil's Miss Bum Bum contest - which last year was won by 28-year-old Rosie Oliveira.


The year before that the title was won by Erica Canela, who became an instant celebrity. She even got herself her own reality show in Portugal.

"I follow Brazilian media and read about the Miss BumBum," Gao told MailOnline

"It's been my dream to attend the competition one day."

She added: "My father gave me much encouragement after I signed up for the competition. My family also think it's a very positive thing to do."

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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