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New York 'Mole Man' Who Hangs Out In Sinkhole Criticised By Residents

New York 'Mole Man' Who Hangs Out In Sinkhole Criticised By Residents

Videos of the man have gone viral, but many people living in the neighbourhood are less than impressed

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A 'mole man' who hangs out in a sinkhole in New York City has come under fire from local residents. Check him out here:

To clarify straight off the bat - this is not an actual mole man (whatever that means), it's a bloke who wears a weird mole mask.

More specifically, it's a bloke called Danny Wolverton, a performer who was once a contestant on America's Got Talent.

The 36-year-old saw the sinkhole near his home in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood in July and saw it is an opportunity to make an artistic statement.

Since then, he's made a number of viral videos in which he can be seen bobbing in and out of the hole in his mole attire.

Speaking to the New York Post, he said: "Reality is stranger than fiction. This life has endless possibilities, whatever can happen will happen.

"If there's a hole in your neighbourhood, someone's going to have the idea to go down there."

Holey moley.

Seems Wolverton is a big believer in the 'every hole's a goal' mantra, then.

Not everyone in the area is though, with many residents complaining about his antics.

One woman walking her dog during the Post's interview told Wolverton: "[You're] making a bigger hole where we already have a problem.

"No it is not [the parents' responsibility], it's your responsibility as a community member to leave this alone.

"You come to our block to exacerbate an already existing problem for your own benefit."

A New York Police Department spokesperson confirmed to the publication that there had been numerous complaints about people crawling into the hole.

Defending himself, Wolverton said he never disclosed the location of the hole, and he argued that the attention he was bringing to it would result in it being filled in faster.

Sure enough, the hole has now been filled.

Sharing a snap of his former Mole Man residence, Wolverton said: "Half the block loved my antics and the other half didn't like that I was bringing attention to the hole...

"I offered a week ago to fill in the hole for them but they refused.

"Finally someone did the little bit of labour with a wheel barrow & shovel. Great Job guys! You did it!!

"Also who would have thought that a freaking hole would get so much attention!! I guess I can make anything go viral!!!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/specialhead

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