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People Are Giving Themselves Nostril Extensions, For Some Reason

People Are Giving Themselves Nostril Extensions, For Some Reason

A strong look

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

For years, men (and women) have been trimming, waxing and otherwise removing the longer hairs poking out their nostrils - but what would you say if I was to say the whole thing was unnecessary? Because, actually, having super hairy nose holes is now desirable - so desirable, in fact, that some people are even giving themselves nose hair extensions.

Lovely, eh?

Mine are like this without the need for extensions, to be fair.

Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen used false eyelashes to create the look and she wasn't the only one. Others quickly jumped onto the trend and gave it go themselves - but, look, I'm honestly not sure why.

I mean, we've seen our fair share of odd 'beauty' trends over the years, haven't we? From ants in fingernails to bow brows, but I think this might just pip it in terms of weirdness.

It looks a bit like you've got a spider lurking up there, which is cool if that's the look you're after, I suppose.

The #nosehairextensions tag on Instagram is a real treat for hair fans, with lots of delightful photos of women showing off their hairy nostrils and they all look... erm... great?

Instagrammers have been giving themselves luxurious nostril hair.

Although, putting eyelash glue up your nose can't do you any favours, surely? So, just in case you were, for some unfathomable reason, tempted to give this strong look a try, maybe don't.

If that isn't enough nostril news for you for one day, then let me tell you all about the man who went to his doctor complaining of a blocked nose only to find there was a tooth up there. See, now if only he had had an extra layer of protection provided by these hairs...

The 59-year-old man from Denmark had put up with congestion, discharge and no sense of smell for a couple of years, when he decided to go the doctors and check out what was going on.

After an examination and X-ray, his shocked doctor broke the news that there was a tooth up there.

According to the British Medical Journal, the man had experienced a facial trauma when he was younger, resulting in a fractured jaw and nose, which medics reckon might have caused it.

Dr Milos Fuglsang wrote in BMJ Case Reports: "Our patient most likely had the intranasal retained tooth most of his life, but had late onset of symptoms."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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