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Woman Thought She Had A Pregnancy Scare With Her Pirate Ghost Husband

Woman Thought She Had A Pregnancy Scare With Her Pirate Ghost Husband

It's tough to get a headline that's as confusing as a woman having a pregnancy scare with her husband, who happens to be the spirit of a 300-year-old pirate.

Yeah, you read that right.


Amanda Teague, from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland was involved in spirituality for close to a decade and she came across the spirit of a Haitian pirate called Jack claiming to be more than three centuries old.

Funnily enough, she was writing a book about 17th century piracy, which is maybe what attracted the lifeforce.


The 45-year-old was suspicious of Jack's intentions to contact her and whether he was going to be deceptive - those crafty ghosts are always up to no good. It was only after six months of chatting back and forth that Amanda accepted he was a pirate who used to roam the Seven Seas.

When Love Island winner Kem Cetinay asked if they go on dates to restaurants, Amanda replied: "Well, yes we do go on dates and I have a friend who is also in a relationship with Jack's best friend so we often go on double dates and, yes, we do leave a seat for them to sit on.

"We'll buy them a drink, Jack likes rum and Matthew likes beer and they'll set it down for them as a form of respect."

They got married in international waters because, you know, it's not technically legal to marry a dead person. Unfortunately, the big day was marred by rough Atlantic seas and many guests were sick on the boat.

Naturally, Amanda was asked every question under the sun about her relationship and she tackled it pretty well.

"Well, chemistry is an energy and a good relationship is all about chemistry," she explained. "It's not much different than having chemistry with a physical person, he just doesn't have a physical body. We're all energy anywhere; we're all spirit beings in a physical existence.

"So to me, the chemistry is there, it doesn't matter that he's not physical."

You can understand that she was shocked when she missed her period and when she went to her GP, she was told she must be pregnant.

Imagine that, a doctor telling you you're pregnant when your husband is a spirit. After a few blood tests, she got the news that she was, indeed, not with child and that it was just the start of menopause.

Featured Image Credit: Loose Women/ITV

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