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Dating expert reveals one 'crazy' thing all women do after a break-up

Dating expert reveals one 'crazy' thing all women do after a break-up

She says everyone does this...

Women are ‘crazy’, men are ‘toxic’, exes are ‘psychos’ – all things you’ll often read in the group chat when one of your mates go through a break-up.

And sure, sometimes it might be justified but let’s be honest, it’s usually just the talk of someone lashing out to feel better after a bad relationship. But an expert has revealed there really is a ‘crazy’ thing ‘all’ women do after splitting up with a partner.

Dating guru Jana Hocking opened up about something she’s done to an ex and let’s be real, it’s probably something you could be guilty of too.

Jana Hocking is a dating guru. (Instagram/@jana_hocking)
Jana Hocking is a dating guru. (Instagram/@jana_hocking)

Writing for, the expert admits to ‘stalking’ the Instagram of people dating her exes.

Oh, but obviously she doesn’t just do that from her own, real account – it’s much higher levels of FBI sh*t - as Hocking uses her ‘finsta’ because she’s not ‘bold’ or ‘tragic’ enough to use her normal one.

“I know all about your recent travels. What you ate at that fancy restaurant the other day and I was even there to witness your hard launch as a couple on Instagram,” she says.

“I’ve seen it all. Usually at around midnight on a Tuesday when I’m wide awake and the mind is racing.”

And she says the ‘crazy’ part is that even if she’s completely over her ex she ‘will probably still follow’ their new partner.

“Because what was once an initial need to obtain as much information as I can about the person who has replaced me, often turns into a fond interest,” Hocking adds.

Hocking says women stalk exes' new partners. (Getty Stock Image)
Hocking says women stalk exes' new partners. (Getty Stock Image)

While the guru says she knows she ‘sounds crazy’ but: “Guess what... I’m not the only one. In fact, I would be so bold to say you’ve done it to.”

Speaking to ‘women’, the expert assures ‘we’re a curious species’ that loves ‘nothing more than collecting data’.

“Whether it makes us feel better or worse, we can’t help ourselves,” she says.

“And let’s be honest, it’s usually worse. When I find out my ex has a new person-of-interest I wish upon all the wishes that she has six fingers, a crooked nose, and an ugly boil in the middle of her forehead. But spoiler alert: they never do.”

Hocking then gives a public plea for people dating her ex to put their ‘account on private’ to do her ‘a solid’.

She does admit to needing ‘better self-control’ and says that perhaps ‘we all need to put down our damn phones’.

Well, if there was ever a reason to make your socials private!

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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