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Ali Wong explains why she's always pregnant on screen

Ali Wong explains why she's always pregnant on screen

Ali Wong has explained why you always see her pregnant

Ali Wong is all over everyone's TV screens right now thanks to her starring role in Netflix's hit new drama series, Beef.

For a lot of fans, this is the first time they're seeing the comedian show off her impressive acting chops - it's also probably the first time some fans are seeing her not pregnant on screen.

Ali addressed this in the latest edition of Wired's Autocomplete Interview with her Beef co-star Steven Yeun.

As is the way with that series, Ali was handed a list of the internet's most-searched questions about her, and it wasn't long before the topic of her seemingly constant baby belly came up.

"'Why is Ali Wong always pregnant?' Hilarious," she read, rolling her eyes.

Ali Wong has revealed why she's 'always pregnant' on screen.
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That's because in both of her Netflix stand-up specials, Ali Wong: Baby Cobra and Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife, the actor just so happened to be heavily pregnant.

Because both comedy specials were so successful, you'll see a lot of clips and photos of Ali from that time in her life, leading some people to believe that she's always pregnant, even though she has just two children.

The comedian explained that the reason why she was pregnant at all in her first Netflix comedy special was because she had been procrastinating for too long and accidentally left it until the last minute to film.

"The reason why I was [pregnant] for my specials, the first one was because I was so reticent to let that hour go," she began.

"But then I was about to have a baby so that seventh month was like the last month I could fly.

Ali recently starred in Netflix's Beef alongside Steven Yeun.

"I was procrastinating, I was like this is the last date I can film my one hour special before I have a kid."

She then joked: "The second time was because I wanted to be fair to the first kid."

Defending his co-star, Steven Yeun then chimed in: "There's all that but, [also] because she's a badass working mama."

It's nice, if not a little weird, to see Steven and Ali getting on so well after binge-watching Beef.

In the Netflix show, Yeun's Danny and Wong's Amy deeply, deeply despise each other after a simple road-rage incident spirals into a dark obsession with revenge.

Believe it or not, Ali is NOT pregnant in Beef.

The series, which dropped on Netflix earlier this month, is absolutely blowing people's minds, with fans binge-watching all 10 episodes in just a matter of days.

And I'm sure Ali and Steven are glad to know all their hard work paid off - particularly after the show caused them both to literally break out in hives.

Speaking at a Q&A at the series premier at South by Southwest, Ali admitted: "If we knew what we were going to put our bodies and minds through, maybe we wouldn’t have said yes, but we’re really glad we did."

So... season two, then?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix / Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

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