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Cardi B Buys Three-Year-Old Daughter Kulture $48,000 Gift

Cardi B Buys Three-Year-Old Daughter Kulture $48,000 Gift

The idea for the bag actually came from Claire's Accessories... could have saved a fortune, Cardi

Cardi B has bought her three-year-old daughter a $48,000 (£34k) customised Hermès Birkin bag featuring a crystal rainbow.

The 28-year-old 'WAP' rapper shared pictures of her and little Kulture on Instagram alongside the caption: "Me & my best friend for life."

Fans quickly noticed the expensive accessory.

Probably most surprisingly of all is the backstory behind the bag. It's actually inspired by something Kulture saw when the pair were in Claire's Accessories.

So, theoretically the bag could have set Cardi back about a tenner... but she decided to spend nearly $50k instead.

More fool her, eh?


Michelle Berk, CEO of Privé Porter, told Page Six Style: "Cardi and Kulture were at Claire's, of all places. Kulture saw a small bag with a rainbow and started begging for it.

"In typical Cardi way, she didn't get that bag, but she called me instead to try to replicate that rainbow on a Birkin for Kulture."

Here's me thinking Claire's Accessories used to be overpriced.

According to reports, the bag ended up with a pricetag of $48k because of the additional customisation.

Meaning it could have been cheaper buuuut... if you're going to do something do it properly.


The bedazzled Birkin actually took weeks to design, with Berk and Cardi going back and forth to perfect it.

They looked at over 30,000 colourful crystals in all different sizes and spent around 100 hours working on it.

Berk went on to tell Page Six: "The Birkin is getting so big - so many women are finally getting one - that our biggest collectors are coming to us to create something that no one else has. It's that simple."

Taking to social media, fans have given their opinion on the little girl's handbag. One asked: "If I had the money why not spoil them ain't that's what it's for?"

Another added: "As long as they can afford it and teach her about gratitude and a good work ethic, go for it."

A third simply wrote: "More money than sense."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@iamcardib

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