​Lucy Spraggan Ripped After Six-Week Transformation

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​Lucy Spraggan Ripped After Six-Week Transformation

Singer Lucy Spraggan has revealed she feels 'strong as f***' after a six-week transformation, with fans praising her dedication and hard work.

The former X-Factor contestant shared a series of three photos on Instagram, each relating to the three different stages of her fitness drive over a six-week period.

The photo on the left is from week one, the middle from week four and, finally, the snap on the right from week six - together charting the progression of her toned physique.

Credit: Instagram/Lucy Spraggan
Credit: Instagram/Lucy Spraggan

She wrote: "What it is: a documentation of some very hard work over 6 weeks!; for those interested in body composition change; a strong f***in' bad a**; something I am proud of.

"What it's not: asking for you to tell me which you prefer; for comments on what women (or anyone) should look like; inviting negative bulls****ery."

Spraggan continued: "Remember the whole 'well you put it out there you can *expect* some bad comments'. Well, I'm choosing to have faith in a bit of caption reading and good vibes today!

"I am eating loads, lifting heavier, feeling strong AS F***.


"Also, before anyone thinks 'I preferred you with a little more weight'... Well I'm heavier in the right than I am in the left. Irrelevant assumptions about irrelevant weights are also unwelcome."

She also thanked personal trainer Melanie Haslam for her 'epic guidance and nutrition', adding: "You amaze me."

Many fans praised Spraggan's hard work over the past six weeks, saying she looks 'incredible'.

One commented: "Good things come to those who work hard... looking strong."


Another said: "So much dedication in these pictures!"

A third wrote: "Proof that hard work pays, well done. Hope you feel as good as you look coz you look awesome. Keep posting your progress."

Another said: "You're incredible! Keep smashing it."


Responding to a fan's comment about maintaining her toned shape, Spraggan explained the most difficult part was achieving it in the first place.

She said: "Achieving the physique is probably the hardest part, maintaining isn't some I find terribly hard but it definitely includes a lot of discipline."

She added: "The hardest part is training in the winter. It's so cold."


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Lucy Spraggan

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