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People Think They Have Worked Out Who Banksy Really Is


People Think They Have Worked Out Who Banksy Really Is

There's a theory out there that suggests one of the creators of the virtual band Gorillaz could actually be the mysterious street artist Banksy, too. Check out the video below and see what you make of the whole thing.


So, let's start with the details.

Obviously, no one really knows who Banksy is - bar a very select few people - but there are some seriously compelling theories.


Some people believe the famous street artist is Massive Attack musician Robert Del Naja, whilst others believe it is Bristol-based artist Robert Gunningham.

Hell, people even thought it was Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan for a while.

However, others continue to believe the secretive graffiti superstar might just be a dude called Jamie Hewlett.

Jamie Hewlett back in the 2000s. Credit: PA
Jamie Hewlett back in the 2000s. Credit: PA

Whilst you might not be immediately familiar with him, you'll almost certainly be familiar with his work.

Hewlett is one of the creators of the comic book Tank Girl, but probably better known for his work as the co-creator - alongside Damon Albarn - of Gorillaz.

Now, this theory - espoused here by TikTok account @urbanartclub - refers back to a time when Albarn's former band Blur released an album called Think Tank.

That's important because the artwork for the album was designed by Banksy.


The video suggests: "We think we found Banksy.

"In 2003 Banksy created this cover for Blur - Think Tank. Jamie Hewlett co-founded the Gorillaz virtual band alongside Blur's Damon Albarn.

"In 2010 Banksy's film company [Paranoid Pictures] was signed off as J. Hewlett.

"Coincidence, Jamie?"


Well, is it?

Could Jamie Hewlett be the elusive street artist Banksy? Credit: PA
Could Jamie Hewlett be the elusive street artist Banksy? Credit: PA

The claims first came to light in April 2019 after a forensics expert - who chose to remain anonymous so as not to get 'hate mail for unmasking him' - followed the breadcrumbs and turned up these companies.

He told Metro: "Paranoid Pictures, sole production company of Banksy's documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop, is owned by Pest Control Office ltd, the agency used to buy Banksy art.


"Pest Control Office is owned by Picturesonwalls Limited, a company used to sell prints of other street artists. Picturesonwalls ltd is owned by Jamie Hewlett.

"Therefore, it seems Jamie Hewlett is the ultimate beneficial owner of all Banksy companies, so if he isn't Banksy, he must be very close to him."

He added: "I really believe it could be Jamie Hewlett. Or at least he seems to own all things Banksy."

Shall we? Credit: PA
Shall we? Credit: PA

Banksy's own publicist has denied the claims in the past, releasing a statement that read: "Jamie Hewlitt is not the artist Banksy."

However, people have noticed that the statement spells that surname wrong, and therefore could be another piece of trademark Banksy trickery.

On the other hand, whilst Banksy was out creating his name with his unique brand of street art during the mid-1990s, Hewlett was busy living in London, a decent train ride away.

Still, his connection to a variety of Banksy-adjacent companies does seem to be more than just a coincidence, and maybe - if he really isn't the artist - he actually knows who is.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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