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Company Will Pay You $1,000 To Binge Watch Every Episode Of Grey's Anatomy

Company Will Pay You $1,000 To Binge Watch Every Episode Of Grey's Anatomy

You'll have to take notes and report back about one key recurring detail.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There are plenty of people who will have watched every single episode of Grey's Anatomy.

The iconic medical drama has been around since 2005 and is still going strong after multiple character deaths, romances and patients.

While pretty much all these viewers will have binge watched the series for free, there could be a financial incentive to watch it again.

Company NiceRx is looking for one keen person to watch (or re-watch) all 380 episodes of the TV show.

But they want you to keep some notes while you do it.

Creit: Disney/ABC
Creit: Disney/ABC

The successful applicant will receive US$1,000 if they are able to point out whether Meredith Grey or Miranda Bailey saved more lives over the course of the series.

Not only will you get the cash prize, but you'll also get a full box set of the show, a personalised Cameo message from Dr Richard Webber and a year's subscription for Netflix.

Not bad for simply binge watching the show.

Considering each episode averages out to be around 43 minutes, that means you would have to spend 16,340 minutes watching the TV.

That equates to around 272 hours or 11.3 days straight. No breaks, no food, no sleep, nothing.


That would be a pretty gruelling mission and it's certainly not one that could ever be achieved or attempted.

You'd probably have to spread it out over a couple of weeks or even months if you work full time and have a mildly active social life.

NiceRx said: "So, if the thought of getting paid to spend a summer curled up on the sofa with the staff at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital sounds like a dream come true, apply now, and tell us why you fit the bill!

"To enter, all you need to do is explain in 200 words why you feel you're America's biggest Grey's Anatomy fan."

Sadly, because the company is based in America, they're only taking applicants who live in the US. So, if you know any Americans who would be dying to take up this mission then get them involved.

You can apply here.

Featured Image Credit: Disney/ABC

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