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Elon Musk responds to Netflix's Leave the World Behind seemingly calling him out in apocalypse scene

Elon Musk responds to Netflix's Leave the World Behind seemingly calling him out in apocalypse scene

The Tesla CEO leapt to the defence of his company after the Netflix film appeared to make a thinly-veiled jab about his luxury cars.

With a star-studded cast, a thrilling plot and a thinly-veiled jab at Elon Musk, what's not to love about Netflix's new apocalyptic movie?

Leave the World Behind has been receiving rave reviews from viewers after it dropped on the streaming platform on Friday (8 December).

Among all the madness that goes on as a catastrophic tech blackout erupts, one particular scene has stuck in the mind of film fans - which involves a massive pile-up of Tesla Model 3 on the only exit route the characters have. Take a look here:

Parents Amanda (Julia Roberts) and Clay (Ethan Hawke) are trying to flee the madness going on at their rental home in Long Island and plan to head to a relatives house in New Jersey.

But to get there, they have to drive through New York City, where even more tech chaos is unfolding.

The couple bundle their two kids Archie (Charlie Evans) and Rose (Farrah Mackenzie) in their Jeep Grand Cherokee with the idea of hightailing it out of there to safety.

But the brood run into what appears to be a huge traffic jam en route, only to realise it's actually a queue of crashed cars - which are all Tesla Model 3s, and empty.

The scene showing hundreds of crashed Tesla's has got viewers - and Elon Musk - talking.

It turns out the luxury self-driving motors are all effectively committing suicide as the mass power outage unfolds, which Amanda only realises when she spots another one heading straight for the family car.

It's safe to say it's put quite a negative spin on Elon Musk's autopilot feature in his expensive vehicles, which is touted as a 'safe and convenient' driving option.

The Tesla CEO has obviously caught wind of the fact the roadside graveyard scene in Leave the World Behind seemingly critiques his company, so he shared a response to it online.

The tech mogul shared his thoughts on the apparent jibe towards him.
Getty Images for The New York Times

Replying to a snippet of the film shared in a post on X by Netflix, the tech tycoon wrote: "Teslas can charge from solar panels even if the world goes fully Mad Max and there is no more gasoline!"

Musk seemingly tried to reassure Tesla owners that their motors won't turn on them during an apocalypse, despite what Leave the World Behind may have led you to believe.

But some people pointed out he kind of misunderstood the scene, as the problem isn't powering the car and getting it to start - it's the fact you can't get it to stop.

Thank god Julia Roberts was on hand with some admirable driving skills to quickly steer her on-screen family to safety.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images for The New York Times / Netflix

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