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Netflix viewers 'deleting app forever' if 'must-watch' series with perfect Rotten Tomatoes series isn't continued

Netflix viewers 'deleting app forever' if 'must-watch' series with perfect Rotten Tomatoes series isn't continued

It's safe to say the show is pretty damn popular

Netflix fans are declaring that they're done with the streaming platform if it doesn't renew their favourite new show.

The 2024 series is the story of a group of people in South London who suddenly develop superpowers - think Misfits but they're not a bunch of kids in orange jumpsuits - and what they do with their newfound abilities.

Supacell is getting rave reviews. (Netflix)
Supacell is getting rave reviews. (Netflix)

Supacell opened to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, as the series as 100 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes from reviewers and 77 percent from the general audience.

Plenty more fans have been taking to social media to sing Supacell's praises, so if you're not seen it for yourself yet this might be your next favourite thing.

They called the series creator Rapman 'an actual genius' and called for a follow-up 'with speed and efficiency'.

If that peaks your interest, then you can check out the trailer here:

One viewer even declared that they'd be 'so done with Netflix' if there wasn't a season two.

"Netflix better not do me dirty and cancel the series," another one declared, evidently concerned that the fate of many a popular Netflix show would befall Supacell.

A third said: "Definitely need them to drop part 2 asap. if Netflix cancels this I'm deleting the app forever..."

That's been the sad story for many of the streaming platform's shows, one minute they're up on billboards and Netflix is telling you that you ought to watch it, the next the word goes out that there'll be no renewal and what's already there is all you're getting.

Others encouraged their fellow viewers to give Supacell 'the double thumbs up after you binge watch' to ensure they knew audiences loved it.

Seemingly the only real criticism that social media could conjure up to throw at Supacell was that one of the characters appeared to be living beyond his means with some of the things he owned.

Watch the show and you'll know what's going on here. (Netflix)
Watch the show and you'll know what's going on here. (Netflix)

If that's the worst viewers can say of a show then it's pretty good news since plenty of TV characters live far beyond what they could reasonably afford.

Some of the characters from your favourite shows would have to be major arms dealers to afford what they've got.

Plus if the biggest criticism people have of a show about people getting superpowers is that one of them seems a little too affluent, then you must be doing something right.

And Rapman told UNILAD in an exclusive interview that he's got 'plans for multiple seasons', but added that 'they're gonna see how it does'.

So those thumbs up really do count for something.

Supacell is available to stream now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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