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Schools Urge Parents To Stop Kids Watching Squid Game After Pupils Copy Scenes

Schools Urge Parents To Stop Kids Watching Squid Game After Pupils Copy Scenes

It turns out that children have been wanting to play the games involved in the Netflix series at school

Pupils asking their teachers if they can play the games from the hit Netflix series Squid Game has lead to schools urging parents to not allow their children to watch the South Korean thriller.

It is believed that many children around the country have been asking teachers if they can take part in 'contests' that are featured in the series which, involve hundreds of contestants gambling their lives for an obscene amount of prize money.

The controversial series, which is currently one of the most-watched on the streaming giant, sees South Korean children's games take a very sinister turn by murdering those who are 'eliminated' from the games.


And it seems as if schools are having no choice but to knuckle down on students 'mimicking' the harrowing games from the series.

One dad said his children's school in Ilford, east London, even issued a letter.

He tweeted: "Can't believe my kids' school has had to send a letter telling parents that kids are playing their own version of Squid Game and that parents will have sanctions applied if their kids mimic Squid Game. The popularity of this show is next level."

John Bramston Primary School also told parents that issues were arising between students, which were caused by children re-enacting the games.

The letter read: "Dear Parents/Carers, It has come to our attention that a number of our children are watching 'Squid Game' on 'Netflix'.

"We have noticed an increased number of children starting to play their own versions of this game in the playground - which in turn is causing conflict within friendship groups.


"Children who are watching this are being exposed to graphic realistic scenes of violence and sadly children are acting out these behaviours in the playground which will not be TOLERATED.

"I would like to make you aware that this programme is rated a 15 for a reason.

"IT IS NOT APPROPARITE [appropriate] FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN. Any child who mimics or demonstrates these behaviours, parents will be called upon and sanctions applied.

"Please be aware of the dangers of this TV programme for your children and reinforce positive behaviours.

"Also please explicitly share that pretending to shoot one another is not appropriate - nor acceptable. Please support us in keeping your children safe."


But it's not just in the UK, a school in Belgium claimed that pupils had been beating up each other while mimicking the show's brutality.

And a spokesperson for Sandown School in Deal, Kent, revealed that teachers have given their pupils extra lessons on online safety as a result.

"We are always updating our advice to the parents and children, it's something we are constantly updating," they said.

"As a response to this show and others, we have put on extra lessons about violence and online harms."

And another school in Deal, Goodwin Academy, also confirmed that letters had been sent to parents regarding concerns over the series.

One parent who lives in Deal wrote on social media: "We've received two school letters (primary/secondary) warning parents about letting kids watch Squid Game. I'm starting to think a more general letter about parental responsibility might be more useful. Keep an eye on your kids' media consumption people."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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