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Les Grossman Script Was Made For Tropic Thunder Spinoff Movie

Les Grossman Script Was Made For Tropic Thunder Spinoff Movie

Tom Cruise's Tropic Thunder cameo could have been made into a full film

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Tom Cruise's character in Tropic Thunder, Les Grossman, very nearly got his own spin off movie.

In fact, according to Screen Rant, the reaction to Cruise's cameo was so well-received that it was actually scripted.

Although it was developed, nothing ever came of it - but that doesn't mean that it won't. We can dream, can't we?


The famous scene in the movie - which recently dropped on Amazon Prime - sees Cruise get all dressed up in prosthetics to portray Les, complete with fat suit and bald cap.

Viewers didn't even clock it was him until the credits, another reason it's so great. As part of the film, which is a satirical look at Hollywood's movie industry, Grossman can be seen basking with his awards, while he dances to 'Get Back' by Ludacris.

It was actually Cruise's idea to do the dance and don the suit, with Stiller not convinced. But when he watched it back he realised it was ten minutes of comedy gold.

And while the role was a small one for an actor like Tom Cruise, his pure commitment to the cause made it an absolute highlight.

The movie has had mixed reviews since its Prime resurgence.

The film was released back in 2008, but it recently came under fire for Robert Downey Jr.'s role as Australian actor Kirk Lazarus, a five-time Academy Award winner, who has 'a controversial pigmentation alteration surgery'.

The upshot of this is that the character darkens his own skin to play a black character, named Staff Sergeant Lincoln Osiris.

Essentially, in the movie, the actor adopted blackface, but Downey Jr. defended it.

Speaking on Joe Rogan's podcast, the Hollywood star said: "Ben, who is a master artist and director, probably the closest thing to Charlie Chaplin that I've experienced... he knew exactly what the vision for this was; he executed it. It was impossible to not have it be an offensive nightmare of a movie, and 90 percent of my black friends are like, 'Dude, that was great'.

DreamWorks Pictures

"There's a morality clause here on this planet. And it's a big price to pay, and I think having a moral psychology is job one. So sometimes you've just gotta go, 'Yeah, I effed up'. Again, not in my defence, but Tropic Thunder was about how wrong that is. So I take exception."

However, Stiller explained to Empire: "In the context of the film, he's playing a method actor who's gone to great lengths to play a black guy. The movie is skewering actors and how they take themselves so seriously."

Featured Image Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

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