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Watching Christmas Films Is Good For You, According To Experts

Watching Christmas Films Is Good For You, According To Experts

Studies have proven that there are major health benefits from having a good Christmas film binge

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

For many it might not come as a surprise that Christmas films will cheer you up. Others just need that little push to realise the already-very-much-believable and now there's research to prove it and we all know - science doesn't tell fibs.

Watching some favourites like Elf, Home Alone and The Grinch can instantly boost levels of happiness, according to an expert.

Watching The Grinch for the 465th time can make you live longer.
Universal Pictures

This is because the hormone dopamine is released when you watch some of the festive classics which could, in turn, make you healthier and live longer.

Speaking to LADbible, psychologist Dr Jo Gee from The Luna Hive explained: "Watching Christmas films can actually make you feel happy, due to the neurological effect the viewing has on the brain.

"When we watch enjoyable films, it causes our brain to release dopamine and oxytocin, our feel good hormones which lift our mood, and make us want to connect with others."

Christmas films will get you like...
New Line Cinema

She continued: "Studies show that oxytocin, our 'cuddle hormone', is triggered when we watch heartwarming films, and this increase can even be measured in the blood. These hormones don't only make us feel good, but can decrease stress and tension, leading us to feel healthier and boosting immunity.

"Christmas films can also be a social occasion, with strong bonds and important messages in the films, bringing people together.

"The hormones released make us want to be more sociable, so many people will notice an urge to reach out to family and friends after watching the films. So getting lost in the magic of Christmas is not only good for your mood, but also helps others."

So it looks like having a festive film binge with family or friends can strengthen relationships and make you feel closer to whoever you happen to be watching with. This is because most Christmas films will focus on family values and close bonds.

They will also remind you of good times, especially the magical element that we loved as children. It'll take you back to a time when you got butterflies in your tummy as you wrote your list or when you'd get tucked into bed earlier than any other evening of the year, praying for the morning to come quickly.

The Knight Before Christmas will land on Netflix.

If you happened to need any inspiration for some new Christmas-themed films then take a look at Netflix's new releases - there are six of them to keep us busy.

First up is The Knight Before Christmas, which stars Vanessa Hudgens as a 'clever and kind science teacher' who helps a medieval knight adjust to the real world after travelling through time. Sounds... realistic.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.

Then we have A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby... wonder where they got that inspiration from.

This one is a sequel to The Christmas Prince from 2017, which followed an aspiring young American magazine journalist named Amber Moore, who is sent to the foreign nation of Aldovia to cover a press conference given by crown prince Richard. They fall in love and it's all very cute.

The streaming service will also be releasing Klaus, an animation starring Jason Schwartzman and Rashida Jones. It follows Jesper (Schwartzman), who is the postal academy's worst student, and, as a result, he is stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema

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