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Woman Shocked After Making Realisation About Sid From Toy Story

Woman Shocked After Making Realisation About Sid From Toy Story

Had you noticed this before?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman has spotted a Toy Story Easter egg about problem child Sid.

Posting on TikTok user scouseblu wrote: "Realising Andy wasn't the only one who grew up in Toy Story and still wearing the same t-shirt."

She then shared a clip of Sid as a youngster wearing a skull and crossbones t-shirt before it cuts to him as an adult in Toy Story 3 where he can be seen working as a binman and wearing a skull and crossbones t-shirt.

And it seems as though she's not the only fan who didn't notice it first time around, with one follower commenting: "Whaaaat?"

Another wrote: "Wait, I never noticed this until now."


Others didn't even realise that the character was supposed to be a grown-up version Sid, with one posting: "Wait? That was Sid? I didn't even notice."

While another wrote: "I never knew that was him."

This isn't the first time someone has made a new discovery re-watching the movies; earlier this month another TikTok user shared what appears to be a pretty grown up joke in one scene involving Buzz Lightyear.

In Toy Story 2, Jessie pulls off some impressive stunts around Andy's bedroom the movie then cuts to Buzz who looks amazed after watching her before his wings shoot out and the little lights on the end start to flash...



Sharing the clip online, TikTok user @lokilover227 asked: "What was a joke from a children's TV show that went way over your head as a kid?"

Despite the moving being around for years, many people had only just spotted the risqué joke, with one person posting: "I just realised, OMG."

While another joked: "Buzz got a woody."

The beloved franchise has been around for more than two decades, but Disney recently revealed that the flicks could have looked very different if the original plans had gone ahead.


Because Buzz originally started life as a character named Lunar Larry before becoming the character we all know and love today.

In behind-the-scenes, pencil drawings, Disney shared the evolution of Buzz - who starts off with an 'LL' symbol on his suit before evolving into Buzz Lightyear.

Speaking about the artwork, Pixar Historian Christine Freeman said: "Buzz is one of our most popular characters, and it's fascinating to see the different ways that Pixar's artists imagined him during the evolution of his design.

"Even his name changed over time - from Tempus of Morph to Lunar Larry to Buzz Lightyear. You can see the LL belt buckle (for Lunar Larry) in a few of these early designs."

Featured Image Credit: Pixar

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