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The 1% Club slammed over final £100k question that fans think was ‘too easy’

The 1% Club slammed over final £100k question that fans think was ‘too easy’

Viewers thought the final question was 'easy peasy'

General knowledge fans are constantly raving about The 1% Club as viewers eagerly anticipate the final £100k question laid out by comedian and host Lee Mack.

The popular ITV game show sees 100 contestants battle it out with a £1,000 stake in the hopes of getting to the latter stages of the competition.

With 15 increasingly difficult questions to get through, the aim is to correctly answer the last winning question that only one percent of the country supposedly knows the answer to.

If they get it right, there's a whopping £100,000 cash prize up for grabs.

A 'nervous' Tessa faced the all-important last question.

During an episode from last month, the final question was: "Using only two letters to fill in the blank, what is the word below? P _ _ _ E _ _ I _ N."

As a 'nervous' Tessa faced the all-important last question, viewers on social media thought it was too 'easy'.

"Don't usually get the last question but I saw that one instantly. Easy peasy," one commented.

While another added: "Got it! Blimey I actually answered the 1% question."

Sadly for Tessa she was the 99 percent of the public who would have been expected to get the answer wrong.

Incase you're wondering, the correct answer was 'possession'.

Viewers eagerly anticipate the final £100k question laid out by comedian and host Lee Mack.

Now, in another episode from last month, viewers thought they witnessed 'the hardest 1% question' ever.

Contestants Maisie and Alex both got down to the final question, which read: "Given that: 0+100 =100, 1+99 = 100, 2+98 =100, what is the sum of all the whole numbers between zero and 100?"

Yep, I had no clue either.

"This is possibly the hardest 1% question I’ve come across. I would even consider it a 0.1% question," one viewer commented, as another added: "The number ones always get me!"

Not a clue.

"I didn’t get it. Gutted," a third wrote.

"I didn't even try with that one. Maths is hard enough on a calculator for me, never mind doing it in my head in 30 seconds," moaned a fourth.

The duo guessed '5,000', which was so close to the actual answer.

Mack said: "There are 50 pairs that total 100 (0 and 100, 1 and 99, 2 and 98, etc). That makes 5,000, but there is also the number 50 in the middle.

"That is not in a pair but also needs to be counted, giving a total of 5,050."

Maths was never my strongpoint.

The hardest 1% Club questions ever

If you found those 'easy peasy', here's a list of some of the hardest ever questions contestants on The 1% Club have faced:

What is the first number that when spelled out has its letters in alphabetical order? Answer here.

If January equals 717, March equals 5315 and June equals 4624, then what does August equal? Answer here.

Lee was driving when he noticed his milometer read 16961 and was the same backwards and forwards. What will the next mileage be that also reads the same backwards and forwards? Answer here.

Into, Therefore, Evaluate, Benign. All of the words have something in common. Can you work out what it is? Answer here.

A bat and a ball cost £1.10 in total. The bat costs £1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? Answer here.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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