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Policeman Chases Swan Through Busy Traffic In Real Life Hot Fuzz

Policeman Chases Swan Through Busy Traffic In Real Life Hot Fuzz

Man vs Swan. Swan wins.

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

There are many reasons why people may join the police force.

Sometimes it's the satisfaction of solving a case or the sense of honour that comes with safeguarding our communities. Sometimes it's the thrill of the chase.

However, it is doubtful many join to chase a swan through busy traffic - while members of the public look on, filming it and putting it all over the internet.

But for one policeman in Sweden, this was his thankless task as the brazen bird swanned through lanes of traffic during the morning rush hour.


In scenes reminiscent of 2007 comedy, Hot Fuzz, where Simon Pegg's PC Nicholas Angel is left disbelieving when he receives a call reporting an errant swan, this policeman in Sweden probably had to check his radio before beginning his reluctant pursuit of the bird.

The swan was sighted sauntering down the road in Ropsten, near the capital Stockholm, and the subsequent chase was filmed by Nicholas Fernholm as he waited for his bus. The 28-year-old said: "I saw a police car with the sirens on and as I looked towards it I saw the swan and the policeman walking, that's when I started filming."

Unlike the chase-scene in Hot Fuzz which takes place in the peaceful fictional rural village of Sandford, the real-life Swedish swan chase took place during morning rush hour across numerous lanes of traffic. But fortunately for the policeman he had back-up, with a police car joining the chase with its blinkers on.

Universal Pictures

Yet the heavy police presence is no deterrent to this cocksure swan, which has no intention of turning itself in, instead choosing to weave from left to right through the traffic. Eventually, the cop on foot seems to have the swan blocked between him and the police car. But rather than cuffing the self-assured swan, the policeman sort of points in the direction of some greenery on the opposite side of the road and hopes that the swan gets what pointing means.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the swan doesn't comply, or perhaps they do understand the point but simply don't respect authority, as demonstrated throughout this video in truth.

Either way, swanny recommences their old zig-zag routine, in a massive two feathered salute to the poor copper.

At long last, the disobedient bird is coaxed away from the roads of Ropsten and into a sort of bushy area where they're less likely to be such a nuisance.

The copper in question undoubtedly did a great job - no casualties, minimal disturbance to traffic and minimal use of force...and probably just a slap on the wing for the offender.

Featured Image Credit: Caters News Agency

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