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Lads Go On Night Out In Spain And Make It Back For College In The Morning

Lads Go On Night Out In Spain And Make It Back For College In The Morning

I think we all probably remember the time we all became old enough to go out on a school night.

Suddenly the woes of college or sixth form were replaced with still-drunk-from-the-night-before antics, followed by a hangover from hell mid-afternoon. But it didn't matter about inebriated states or piercing headaches, you'd broken free of the shackles of life; fuck teachers and fuck parents, crack open the bevvies and let's turn up to second period off our tits.

Usually, a mid-week night out isn't too special and normally takes place in a spoons where Desperado's are two for a fiver, before moving onto a gloomy bar that plays late 90s dance music and sells questionable shots for £1 each. Two lads from the East Midlands decided they'd take it up a notch, though.


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Amarni Saunders and his mate Daniel Thurgood left college at 3pm back on December 8 and went straight for East Midlands airport, where they planned to fly to Spain, enjoy a night out, catch a returning flight, and be back in their lessons the following morning.

It was an ambitious quest, but not so out of reach for those who are finally harnessing the new power of a valid ID.

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The pair grabbed a flight to Alicante, headed for the beaches and a strip, managing somehow only to spend £50 on drinks, food, flights and transport.


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As their night of debauchery came to an end, they headed back to Alicante airport to grab another plane to the dreary East Midlands, hoping for no delays so they could get back to school.

They made it into college for 11am, but best of all, their parents and teachers were none the wiser.


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