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Shoppers Left 'Amused Yet Disturbed' By Mating Polar Bear Display

Shoppers Left 'Amused Yet Disturbed' By Mating Polar Bear Display

From now until January, you can pretty much guarantee that a visit to your local shopping centre will be an awful experience, to be avoided at all costs. The hell holes will be packed to the rafters with hideously exhausted grownups, with stacks of bags and hideously excited children dangling from their limbs.

The same half a dozen or so hideous Christmas songs will be blaring on loop. And it will be hideously hot too, because they always seem to have the thermostat set to 25 degrees for some reason, even though there are thousands of bodies in there, all wearing coats, hats and scarves.


But maybe, just maybe, all of this would be OK if there was a giant display in the foyer of two polar bears getting it on festive stylee.

Shoppers at Tynwald Mills in the Isle of Man were treated to just this, with the pervy polar bears opting for a classic standing doggy session right outside Ted Baker.

Ruth Hogg shared a picture of the bawdy bears on Twitter, claiming she 'was quite amused yet disturbed' by the sight.


Phwooooar. The sheer brazen, ballsy cheek of it. Looks like those penguins next to them might be about to neck off as well. It's a shopping centre foyer Christmas animal orgy.

The polar bear on the receiving end seems quite pleased about the whole thing too, though the giver is far more straight-lipped, perhaps a little tense about the whole public fornication thing.

But how exactly do we explain this thing? Innocent church-going display arranger, ignorant of the hilarity? Or bored and cheeky part-time 16-year-old who thought he'd pull a bit of bear bonking banter for his mates on Snapchat?

Apparently, the display was altered by mischievous customers, but the shopping centre apologised regardless.

A spokesman said: "Apologies to anybody offended by our somewhat interactive display."

A later tweet from the centre revealed that there was more to come from the saucy bears in question. In fact, the centre is now celebrating a Christmas miracle:

A baby polar bear! Well, stands to reason. According to Tynwald Mills' Facebook page: "He's a mighty 4st 3lbs, and mum is doing well."

Shoppers are also being invited to name the baby bear... How about Teddy Baker Bear? Or Doggy Foyer Bear?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@MrsManxTiger

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Jake Massey

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