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Guy Calls Out Girlfriend On Facebook For 'Cheating'

Guy Calls Out Girlfriend On Facebook For 'Cheating'

His 'friend' took the photo.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

These days it's all about the likes we can accumulate on Facebook to justify our existence on earth. How you get them is up to you; some go for controversy, some go for a more humorous approach.

This guy got his likes sorted by calling out his girlfriend - exposing her 'cheating' ways - but all was not as it seemed.

He put a Facebook post which read: "This is why I have trust issues! She promised she wouldn't cheat again, and assured me that we were in this together.

"Even though it's very awkward that it's a friend of mine that snapped this photo, I appreciate him sending it to me."

Credit: Facebook

What? He's happy for his friend to send him a picture this kind of funny business? What kind of friendship is this?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that a first sight, but he followed it up with what really was going down.

He posted the uncensored version of the picture, showing that she was actually caught ruining their 'new year, new me' pact.

Credit: Facebook

He says: "This girl promised me she would stick to the diet with me! She's clearly drinking a grape Fanta! I'm through!"

How can they continue after this? He's there grafting to make sure his diet consists of apples, rice and avocados, and she's there chugging grape soda on the down low. The scum bag.

He's right to have trust issues, whatever next?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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