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Lad Changes Band's Wikipedia Page To Blag His Way Into VIP Section

Lad Changes Band's Wikipedia Page To Blag His Way Into VIP Section

What a chancer.

A teenage lad managed to sneak into the VIP section of a gig after changing the band's Wikipedia page.

I don't know about you, but I'm the kind of person who would never even consider doing something as cocky as this. I'm in complete awe.

Adam Boyd, from Crewe, was at The Sherlocks gig last Friday at the Albert Hall in Manchester when he decided he hated his view.

Credit: Facebook

He told the Daily Mail: "I cannot believe it worked. I was expecting to be kicked out for trying.

"The Wikipedia idea came about due to my frustration of not being able to see any of the supporting band and worrying if I'd have the same problem with The Sherlocks when they came on.

"Because we were next to the bar downstairs, I looked up and saw the VIP entrance and told my friends "I'm going to try and get up there" but they were calling me an idiot and saying I wouldn't get in.

"Regardless I went up, made my way to the area, and realised I had no way of actually getting in. I needed an excuse, a reason to be let in. I don't know how the idea climbed to the top of all the other drunken ones I was probably having then, but it came to me to change their wiki page so I was included in it."

It's true what they say, the best ideas come when you've had a few.

He continued: "From what I can remember, he had the rope going across the door, and refused to let me in, until I explained I was one of the band members' cousins, and obviously he didn't believe that, either.

"I was trying to find some way to 'prove' I was family. That's when I 'remembered' about being credited on Wikipedia, although I had changed it minutes beforehand, and showed him he and said 'Fair enough' and let me past. I guess luck was on my side, either that or a gullible bouncer?"

Anyone else think that maybe the bouncer just couldn't be assed arguing and figured if someone was willing to go to those kind of extremes, they deserved to get in?

As you can see, his status has got over 1,000 likes. And I assume only like half of them are planning to copy him.

Another lad who changed up Wikipedia

Last year, a 12-year-old lad became Australia's sixth Prime Minister in six years. That's according to Wikipedia anyway.

Orley Fenelon edited himself onto the encyclopedia's list of Australian Prime Ministers, listing himself as just 12-years-and-239-days-old.

According to the page, he toppled Malcolm Turnbull on April 9.

He was PM for two days before anybody noticed...

Unfortunately, the edit has now been removed after it was discovered to be a 'blatant hoax'.

It was fun while it lasted.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook