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Lad Documents His Heartbreak With A Series Of Sarcastic Snapchats

Lad Documents His Heartbreak With A Series Of Sarcastic Snapchats

Poor guy.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

As we all know, living life outside, with actual people and being real, isn't much of an option these days. Let's be honest, if you didn't Snapchat it, did it really happen?

Unfortunately, to most people, if there isn't a picture of it, it was a waste of time. Therefore, everyone lives their life through ten second clips on Snapchat.

This guy, who must have gone through some relationship turmoil recently, or just fancied some likes and shares on Facebook, documented his heartache with a series of sarcastic and pun-filled snaps.

All credits: Azam College

In fairness to Azam, he's got SmackDown! vs Rad 2008, which is a game I have an awful lot of time for. So, if the girl he's talking about ain't playing that, he's probably better off without her.

As for getting 100 percent charge, there was probably a split second when it was charged to 100 percent, but instantly plummeted because that's the fucking world we live in these days.

All that aside, this is a very lengthy Snap story which has probably annoyed his followers. Let's hope he didn't send it individually as well as posting it on his story - the most heinous of all Snapchat crimes.

Featured image credit: Azam College

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