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Woman Flooded With Pics Of 'Dirty' Workmen After Her Tweet Goes Viral

Woman Flooded With Pics Of 'Dirty' Workmen After Her Tweet Goes Viral

A woman has found herself inundated with pictures from men after she tweeted about how much she likes to see guys in filthy work gear.

No, for once they weren't those types of photos. This is actually a nice, funny story.


Londoner Olivia Corcoran recently tweeted to say: "Boys in their dirty work gear, nothing sexier."

Sure, whatever floats your boat.

However, the tweet quickly went viral and amassed more than 23,000 likes in a short amount of time. That also included a lot of guys serving her up what we're going to refer to as 'high visibility realness'.


The pictures that she received - and there are a lot of them - range from the hilarious to the downright silly, from smouldering snaps of hunky dudes to guys who are obviously just taking the piss.

Luckily, Olivia is totally cool with all of this. In fact, she said that photographs she was sent "made her day".

Well, that means it must have been a good day for her then, because there were absolutely loads of them.

Most of them were some sort of variation on the theme of tradesmen reclining in traditionally risqué positions. A classic of the genre, no doubt.

However, there were some outliers that deserve a mention.

Shout out to the guy who posted a picture of himself covered head to toe in black mud. It's not immediately clear what his job is exactly, but let's hope he gets paid handsomely for it.

Other shots saw plumbers, joiners, butchers, bakers - no candlestick makers to report so far - showing off their wares for Olivia's perusal.

It didn't just stop there, though.

We've seen pictures from McDonald's workers flexing their guns, bakers standing in front of overs wearing lovely aprons, and painter and decorators revealing a bit more than we'd prefer to have seen.

Seriously, they should all make up and make a charity calendar or something. They've sold at least one already.

Even some women got involved. One woman called Laura shared a photo of what we can only assume is her boyfriend in his mucky work gear.

"Wish I could relate" she said.

Oh well.

It's all in good fun, though. Olivia said that the whole thing left her "creasing" with laughter.

You see, the internet doesn't always have to be a relentlessly horrible place, and not all the pictures that women get sent are of someone's cock.

Don't to that, by the way fellas. It's not a good look.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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Woman Flooded With Pics Of 'Dirty' Workmen After Her Tweet Goes Viral

Woman Flooded With Pics Of 'Dirty' Workmen After Her Tweet Goes Viral

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