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McDonald's makes major u-turn after being forced to remove 'greatest thing to happen in years' from menu

McDonald's makes major u-turn after being forced to remove 'greatest thing to happen in years' from menu


It's been one hell of a rollercoaster for McDonald's customers these past few weeks.

First they announce the return of an old favourite coming back to the menu after years away and get us all excited.

Then it arrives and it's beautiful, like reuniting with a lost love in deliciously consumable form that's hailed as the 'greatest thing to happen in years'.

Sadly, the demand was so high that Maccies had to drop it because they were running out of ingredients, with a promise that it would return at some point in the future.

Back by popular demand, after being taken off the menu thanks to popular demand.


Yes, that delectable breakfast option of egg, bacon, sausage meat, cheese, potato and your choice of ketchup or brown sauce all nestled in a tortilla wrap has returned to McDonald's.

Maccies has revealed the Breakfast Wrap is back on sale again today (13 February).

That means you can go to a McDonald's right now and get one for yourself, at least before the next rush causes the biggest fast food chain in the world to run out of ingredients again.

Of course you'll need to make sure you have at least £4.39 burning a hole in your pocket, and if you want to make a meal out of the Breakfast Wrap that'd better be £5.89 instead.

Since it's a breakfast item, remember that they'll stop serving it once your local Maccies drops that menu for the day, which in most parts of the UK means you've got until 10.30am or 11am to get your hands on one before having to wait another day.

Now they have enough breakfast supplies to survive the rush.
Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Let's hope our heartstrings will be tugged on no longer by the availability of the much-loved breakfast item, otherwise it'll be our stomachs that suffer.

This hasn't stopped McDonald's fans from asking for even more, as once the Breakfast Wrap returned everyone just pivoted to wanting the Breakfast Bagel to return as well.

Obviously they're a bit beleaguered right now just trying to keep up with the gargantuan demand for the Breakfast Wrap.

Naturally the announcement that the Breakfast Wrap was returning was met with huge celebrations, so hopefully McDonald's will have enough ingredients this time around or in a couple of days we'll be telling you it's gone again.

Let's all just hope that doesn't happen and we can all enjoy a yummy bit of food instead.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images/McDonald's

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