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Woman's Tattoo Removal Goes Horribly Wrong

Woman's Tattoo Removal Goes Horribly Wrong

Warning: Graphic Content

Seriously, if you have just eaten, you're just about to eat, or you've got a hangover because you drank a shit-tonne while watching Eurovision last night (no judgement from me) you might want to stop scrolling, because some of these images are pretty grim.

OK, well, I've warned you, so it's on you now.

A woman has been left with horrendous scars after her tattoo-removal went badly wrong.


Let's face it, tattoo regrets are nothing new or shocking. In fact, I'll bet you know someone who has a tattoo they regret - you might even have one yourself. When it comes to the removal of a tattoo, it can be a slow, expensive and painful process.

Rather than go down the traditional laser removal route, one woman, Pasuda Reaw, decided to use a tattoo removal cream to get rid of the ink on her collarbones and chest, according to

So this was the tattoo Pasuda was keen to get rid of...


It started off well enough...

But then an infection seems to have set in...

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And that's when the images get bad...


Eventually the tattoo 'fell off'...


Now, poor Pasuda is left with this scar, even three months on.

She's shared her photos to warn others about the dangers tattoo removal can carry.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/rreaw

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