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Cat Has Tiny Piano Which He Plays When He's Hungry

Cat Has Tiny Piano Which He Plays When He's Hungry

He also uses it when his litter needs changing

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Life for pet owners would be a lot easier if our animals could speak, but one tabby has gone a step further and learned how to play the piano to communicate his needs. Watch him go:

Granted, it does look more like a protest than a request for food, but little Winslow still gets his point across.

In the video, you can see him hitting the piano keys for attention, when his owner asks him the stupid question: "Is it time for dinner?" I think you can actually see him sigh and roll his eyes before replying: "Yes."

To the untrained ear it may sound like a mere meow, but any cat expert will tell you he is talking.

His owner goes on to ignore Winslow's request for his tea, and when she asks again a few more times, the seven-year-old cat decides that this stupid human is too much for him. He goes on to repeatedly bash the keys until he gets what he has asked for - classic cat behaviour.


He can even lets his owner Kate Nyx know when he needs his litter tray changing, and then no doubt watches over her while she does his dirty work.

Winslow was taught to play the piano to counteract some bad behavior.

Kate, 29, from Philadelphia said: "He used to run around screaming all the time and I was like, 'this is no good'.

"The piano is another way to communicate, so he's not screaming bloody murder."

Kate and her husband adopted Winslow when he was just eight weeks old, after he was found in her cousin's backyard trying to fight a dog.


Kate, a musician, bought the piano on eBay when she was in high school.

She added: "He started showing interest in the piano when he was a baby, playing the notes and looking underneath trying to find where they were coming from."

She helped Winslow's use his interest in the piano as a way for him to express himself and she encouraged him to start playing it when it was food time.

She explained: "It became some kind of hunting reward because he can't do much in the apartment.

"He tends to only play it when we're in kitchen and he knows he can possibly get a snack."

Food isn't the only thing that Winslow will play for.


Kate said: "He uses the piano to express himself in general, for attention, to get his litter scooped.

"It's his alarm system in general.

"He learned that I encourage moving his paws up and down the keyboard, so he does that when he really wants something."

Winslow has made a single called 'Bean Gotta Scream' which dropped on 7 August on streaming platforms.

It features Winslow in all of his screaming, piano-playing goodness.

Kate said: "He was a rambunctious kitten and he's transformed into a chaotic gentlemen."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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