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Google Maps Users Convinced They’ve Found Alien Portal Near Nazca Lines


Google Maps Users Convinced They’ve Found Alien Portal Near Nazca Lines

Google Maps users on Reddit are convinced they've found evidence of extraterrestrial life on our planet.

Aerial images near to the Nazca lines in Peru show a glowing green spot on the floor, which users think is an alien portal.

The Nazca Lines date back to somewhere between 500 BC and 500 AD and were first stumbled upon by archaeologists in 1927.

They are still a mystery today and over the years, many have considered the strange geoglyphs to be signs of alien life on Earth. Of course, the green light found in the Google Maps screenshot just adds fuel to the speculation.


While some lines form unrecognisable patterns, others form drawings of animals and plants. The geoglyphs measure between 400-1,100 metres and are typically 10-15cm deep.

The site is located around 400km south of Lima, Peru's capital and due to the isolation and largely unchanged weather conditions of the area, the Nazca lines have remained naturally well-preserved.

Nazca Lines in Peru. (Credit: Google Maps)
Nazca Lines in Peru. (Credit: Google Maps)

One person joked: "Congratulations human, you have found the portal to our world...."

Trying to find a logical explanation to the green spot, one user suggested: "Maybe someone shone a powerful green laser pointer at an aircraft taking those images. Seems unlikely that there would be anyone in that deserted area to be doing that, though."

But, "a more likely possibility is that there was simply something reflective down there, which bounced the sun into the camera, and was brief enough to only be caught by the green pass (these types of images are composites of red/green/blue/intensity shots to increase the effective resolution of the final image)," they concluded.

Google Maps users are always on the lookout for freaky UFO and alien sightings.


And when it's not that, it's couples caught having sex in inappropriate and hilarious places, or a man being spotted having a poo on the side of the road.

And in probably what's the worst technical glitch we've come across to date, one person on Twitter came across a naked man with it all on display when scrolling over Loch Ness on Google Maps.

And sometimes, things are exactly what they appear to be, like this exploded building discovered in North Korea or this secret military base in the Sahara Desert.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Google Maps

Topics: Google Maps

Laura Sanders
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