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Absolute Chonker '435 Holly' Has Been Named America's Fattest Bear

Absolute Chonker '435 Holly' Has Been Named America's Fattest Bear

Most people will be aware that bears, depending on where they are, will go into hibernation during the winter months to beat the cold. As a result, they have to bulk harder than a bro heading to a summer music festival.

They eat as much as humanely (or bearly) possible until they're nearly bursting at the seams and then find somewhere nice and warm to sleep.

But most people won't be aware at just how massive some bears get during that period and one American wildlife park has held a competition to celebrate this bulking process.

Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska has tried to find the biggest chonker by letting the public vote who they thought had piled on the kilos the most effectively.


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Bear Called 747 Has Been Crowned America's Fattest Bear For 2020

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The park posted Summer and just-before-hibernation pictures of 12 bears up for contention and the competition was fierce.

However, there could only be one winner and after several days of hotly contested bear fat celebration, a bear named 435 Holly was crowned the champion.

Katmai National Park & Preserve wrote on Facebook: "She is fat. She is fabulous. She is 435 Holly. And you voted her the 2019 Fat Bear Week Champion. All hail Holly whose healthy heft will help her hibernate until the spring. Long live the Queen of Corpulence!"


She most certainly is queen of the chonk and we shall celebrate her until next year's competition.

Featured Image Credit: NPS Photo/L. Carter

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