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Dog Siblings Separated As Puppies 'Remember Each Other' And Share Hug

Dog Siblings Separated As Puppies 'Remember Each Other' And Share Hug

A picture of the sweet moment has gone viral

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

It's not unusual for dogs to get very excited when crossing paths while out on a walk.

But when two doggo siblings had a surprise meeting last month, having been separated as puppies, they appeared to share a very special hug.

What's not to love here?
Twitter/Libby Pincher

Cockapoos Monty and Rosie were born in the same litter last June and right from the start they were extra close.

Speaking to The Dodo, Rosie's owner Susan Killip, said: "There were six of them, but Monty and Rosie were always together."

That was until Susan's friends from a nearby village adopted Monty and the pair were separated - until their recent unexpected encounter.

Susan said: "It was so lovely, they both just jumped up and hugged each other.

"It was amazing they remembered each other after 10 months of not seeing each other."

Do they actually know they're siblings though?
Twitter/Libby Pincher

Monty and Rosie's heartwarming reunion went viral after Libby Pincher shared the story on Twitter, having been told about it by her dad.

In a message accompanied by pics of the canine encounter, her dad told her: "So, Dave was out walking his dog, and there was a couple walking towards him with a white version of his dog. Turns out they are brother and sister from the same litter. But instead of just playing like they do with other dogs, look at this."

Evidently, it was not just Libby and her dad who were touched by the reunion, with the tweet receiving more than 900,000 likes.

But while Susan - and seemingly everyone on Twitter - are convinced Monty and Rosie recognised each other, experts are unsure as to whether dogs can identify their siblings like this.

Tufts University website reads: "Dogs of the same breed often gravitate toward each other, so it's not possible to say.

"What we know is this: the scent of another dog stays with a dog for a long time. So a littermate not seen, er, sniffed for years may have a comforting, familiar scent to a dog who comes across him or her after a long period of separation. But whether the dog is processing that it's a familial connection, we'll probably never know for sure."

C'mon, look at that hug. We know.

Either way, the siblings will be spending a lot more time together in the future.

Susan said: "We will keep in touch, [it's] a bit difficult at the moment, but after this is all over, we'll be having doggy walkies together."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Libby Pincher

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