Hilarious Parrot With Thick Scottish Accent Goes Viral

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Hilarious Parrot With Thick Scottish Accent Goes Viral

Meet Onion: she's a three-year-old African Grey parrot who has her owner in stitches with her one liners and thick Scottish accent:


Onion has gone down a storm on social media, quickly enabling her to become a viral sensation with comments such as 'shut the windaes hen,' 'wis a good tae you the night?' and 'am f****** cold'.

Onion's owner Cody Stoddart has had Onion since the parrot was three months old and she turns four in July and started posting clips of her on TikTok.


The account has racked up over 660,000 likes and Cody now has nearly 35,000 followers, with videos of Onion getting millions of views.

In one of the most recent videos, Cody can be heard having a chat with Onion with the parrot asking: "Wis a good to you the night?" To which Cody responds: "You are good to me the night."


Onion can then be heard saying "Ok, byeeeeee," before adding: "See ya later, toodaloo." Then she blows Cody a kiss.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Cody said: "I don't think many people have heard a parrot with an accent so I'm guessing that's why her videos have went a bit crazy.

"Everyone says she sounds like an old granny or Mrs Doubtfire but it's genuinely my mum she copies since she sits with her all day while I'm at work.

"My favourites are probably when she's telling the cat off or when I hear her asking 'Where's Cody?' I can't think of anything she won't say. She mostly just picks things up from listening to everyone talk and have conversations."


Parrots are cheeky little animals, aren't they? If they're not conversing with their owner, they're getting them in trouble. Well nearly.

Over in the US, one feathery fella was making so much racket that neighbours of the owner called the police telling them they could hear a woman screaming.

Police were relieved and amused by the cause of the screaming. Credit: ViralHog
Police were relieved and amused by the cause of the screaming. Credit: ViralHog

Home security footage shows a man - who has not been named - doing a little work on his wife's car in Lake Worth Beach, Florida.


Cries of 'help!' and 'let me out!' can be heard in the background, but the man pays no attention to the screeching until four police officers arrive on his driveway.

Clearly aware of what had caused the mix-up, the man smirks before telling officers he will 'bring out the screamer'.

The officers can then be seen laughing with relief as the man re-emerges from behind his gate with a green parrot perched on his arm and says: "Rambo, meet the boys in green."

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