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Woman Comes Home To Find Her Cats Baked After Eating Her Weed Plants

Woman Comes Home To Find Her Cats Baked After Eating Her Weed Plants

There's no denying that pets can often become your best friend.

Whether it's a cat, a dog, a rabbit or a budgie, you can speak to them and not have to worry about them judging you. On the inside mind, they're probably sick of your shit but just can't voice their disapproval of you, but that ends when you whip out some food.


There are problems that befall the average pet owner, but bigger ones that plague avid stoners: they can't get baked with their furry friends.

Credit: ViralHog

It's absolutely not to be encouraged, sharing pot with your pet, but if you're careless enough and leave marijuana plants lying around, chances are they might have a go on them.

These cats, for example, had obviously grown tired of run of the mill catnip, thus turning its attention to its owner's cannabis plants.


There was a problem with the Massachusetts woman's UV lights she was using to grown the herbs, so she had to temporarily move them where they could soak up some sun.

After returning home she found her two feline companions had gone to town on the plants and were therefore stoned out of their minds sprawled across the floor.


The two pets are so out there they've actually managed to meow 'man' several times, have declared their desire to travel and 'find themselves' as well as wanting to grow dreadlocks.

According to VetStreet, in 2014 reports of pets being exposed to weed has risen at least 50 percent since 2009. However, they do note that given the recent legalisation of medical marijuana in some US states may have something to do with it, and that the number hasn't risen, just more people are willing to admit it.

The site claims that sedation or agitation are the main side effects to happen to cats and dogs should they ingest weed, similar to humans.

"The most common side effects of marijuana intoxication are 'drunkenness' (with pets appearing impaired and uncoordinated), sedation and urinary incontinence," VetStreet says.

"THC and other cannabinoids affect the central nervous system, causing disruption of normal movement and behavior. However, about 25 percent of pets who ingest THC become stimulated instead - with agitation, vocalization and high heart rates as possible side effects."

It goes without saying, of course, but you're just better off not leaving edibles or plants where they can be found by scavenging pets.

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

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