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Colorado Children Praised For Returning Wallet Filled With $700

Colorado Children Praised For Returning Wallet Filled With $700

Well done, kids.

Mike Vaughan

Mike Vaughan

Colorado resident Jamie Carlton posted a video on Facebook last week that will surely restore your faith in humanity. It shows three children - Haylie, 13, brother Reagan, 6, and their friend Ashley returning a wallet they found to its rightful owner.

Jamie posted on Facebook along with the caption:

"This happened last Wednesday, 7/18/18 at my house in Aurora Colorado. If this doesn't renew or at least refresh your faith in humanity you need help. These kids are amazing, we would love to find them to reward them and thank them. Their parents should be so proud of them. Any help finding them would be great."

The kids are heard saying:

"We found your wallet outside of your car and we just thought we would give it back to you,' she says, before hiding the wallet by the door. I'm going to put it over here so no takes any money. You're welcome. Thank you."

The video has reached several news stations in the US, and Haylie told KDVR-TV:

"We just thought it would be a good thing to do,' she said. 'It just feels good because we really didn't need the money. So we just decided to give it back."


Speaking to Daily Mail the children's mother, Kerri Eddie Venke said:

"It is very humbling the kids have gotten so much attention! I would like to take credit for their actions, but we really can't. They were by themselves and chose to put the wallet in a safe place all on their own."

"As parents I think we always hope they are doing the right thing when we are not around or when no one is watching. It makes me very proud!!"

Father Ryan Wenke said: "We try our best to make sure they are taught between right and wrong."

Well it's safe to say that you can be very proud of your children, and you've definitely raised them in the right way.

The comments on the video were full of praise for the children and their parents.

Carlene said: "This makes my faith in mankind again. There is hope for the future. Wonderful job the parents are doing."

Another Facebook user by the name of Martha added: "This is what normal kids are like. Not like the ones that make the "news" - good job, kiddos!"

Well done kids, you might just think it's the right thing to do but it's great to see heartwarming stories in this day and age.

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