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Builder Transforms Staircase Into Wine Cellar That Can Hold 156 Bottles

Builder Transforms Staircase Into Wine Cellar That Can Hold 156 Bottles

Wine not?

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Ever looked at your staircase and thought, 'you're not pulling your weight around here'?

No, me neither. But one builder in Australia with a hatred for dead space did, which led to the inspired idea of embedding a wine cellar into the staircase.

Murray's mint staircase.
Murray Berrill Constructions

Murray Berrill - owner of the appropriately named building company Murray Berrill Constructions - spent an estimated $5,000 AUD (£2,500) on the wine storing staircase, using drawers purchased from hardware store Bunnings.

However, it could cost him a fair bit more to stock up the staircase, as it can hold an impressive 156 bottles of plonk.

Murray, from Bendigo, Victoria, said the cellar is well insulated and has a thermometer installed to keep track of temperature, so they can make sure the wine doesn't cook in the summer months.

The 58-year-old also said he may add a small chilling unit.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, he said: "I hate dead space when renovating a house, as you're essentially paying for nothing. So we thought of putting the wine in drawers in the staircase rather than behind it.

"The drawers are a wide width and are very strong - we spent around $500 (£250) at Bunnings just on the drawers alone.

"We had to work out how all the bottles were going to fit and make sure the entire design was strong enough."

A work of art.
Murray Berrill Constructions

Unsurprisingly, the crafty creation has been well-received on social media, with many people now lamenting their boring old staircases, and their distinct lack of booze storing capabilities.

Commenting on the staircase cellar, one person said: "Impressive work, you are obviously a very skilled tradesman. More than one headache in there."

Another said: "Brilliant use of the space. I especially like the two drawer per step idea."

A third added: "Only complaint is that there [aren't] enough stairs."

One woman who would most certainly love one of these in her home is Kelly Muller's mum's mum.

The grandmother from Ontario, Canada, went viral after Kelly went to check on her during lockdown only to find the 82-year-old stood in the window holding up a sign which read: "Need more wine."

Speaking to Today, Kelly said: "She lives alone still in our family home.

"That day, I pulled up and gave a honk to let her know I was there and she was ready for me. She had a sign all ready asking me to get her more wine.

"I wasn't shocked to pull up and see her holding up a handmade sign. I asked her what kind, and she said, 'Red? White? It doesn't matter to me. They all taste the same!'"

Featured Image Credit: Murray Berrill Constructions

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