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Adorable Seven-Month-Old Baby Has 40,000 Instagram Followers Thanks To Her Magical Mane

Adorable Seven-Month-Old Baby Has 40,000 Instagram Followers Thanks To Her Magical Mane

Baby Chanco was born with a full head of hair and has become a social media smash.

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Many women carry themselves through their pregnancies sort of knowing what to expect - a bloody, gunky and very, very bald human being. Yes, we've watched One Born Every Minute - we know the score.

It's normal that most of these little people lose what fur they may have had in the first few weeks before growing their tresses and even then it's usually a waiting game.

But not for one baby, who only gained a mass of hair - and it's absolutely adorable.

Meet Baby Chanco, the seven-month-old tot who has accumulated over 40,000 Instagram followers with her beautiful bouffant.

Every photo that her mum shares on social media ends up with 10,000 likes from her fans.

Her Instagram account is actually labelled a 'hair diary' and we love it.


Chanco, who lives in Japan, was born with a full head of hair in December 2017 according to the MailOnline, and it's showed no signs of slowing.

Her parents are able to style her hair with clips and bows - probably in an attempt to keep it away from her eyes/out of her mouth/stop her being mistaken for a toilet brush.

This is something most parents wait at least a year to be able to do and only then it's for cosmetic reasons rather than practical ones.


Comments from fans include: "She is so cute! Congratulations from Brazil."

Another admirer wrote: "It's so thick and beautiful," with a third commenting: "What a miracle."


The MailOnline reported that whether a baby will be born with hair is influenced by genetics and ethnicity, according to Dr Bud Zukow, a paediatrician speaking to

But, a baby's hair as an infant bears little resemblance to what he or she will look like as they grow older.

Well, we're pretty certain this hair is saying - I ain't going nowhere.

Baby Chanco strapped into her baby carrier.

In May, we discovered four-month-old Lexi-Rose, who needs a blow dry every night to tame her locks and has been dubbed 'Britain's hairiest baby'.

Her mum, Hanna, said: "I must get stopped about 20 times a day by people because of her hair.

"They can't believe it and say 'oh my god look at her hair'.

"I was shocked when she was born because her hair was very, very long but it has obviously grown more since then too."

Hanna Hollins

This is hands down one of the best stories ever. And now is as good a time as any to start looking into your genetic make-up.

And then maybe invest in hair styling products for babies.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/babychanco

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