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David Beckham Looks Proud Of Himself After Making Lego Hogwarts Castle

David Beckham Looks Proud Of Himself After Making Lego Hogwarts Castle

He's finally finished his Hogwarts castle

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

I've always thought that the life of a massive rich A-lister would be one big party, but it seems David Beckham has embraced the simple life.

Obviously not one for wild nights anymore, Dave has been getting on with some much more important business - taking time over the last few weeks to complete his Lego Hogwarts castle.

Building such a complex structure must be draining at times, which is why it's lucky that the family had a holiday to Italy booked. But after the six strong party had soaked up the sun on their private yacht, it was back to the graft for David, who continued with the build when he returned.

His wife Victoria shared the progress of his new hobby, showing Instagram users the various stages of his huge Harry Potter castle.

The Spice Girl turned fashion designer filmed David just after he'd finished his Lego construction.

She asked him: "So it's been a few weeks but he is back and has finished his castle. How do you feel?"

An exhausted Becks replied: "Accomplished," before taking a well deserved sip of some celebratory white wine.

Victoria then said: "I mean, look, I'm proud of you!"

She captioned the Instagram story video: "He took some time off building but he is back and his castle is complete!! #proudwife"

It's safe to say he's quite pleased with himself.

It's not the first we've seen of the castle.

Victoria complained earlier in the month that it was ruining her life.

On Instagram, she revealed he stayed up until 3am building the structure; on one evening he only managed to get six hours sleep between building sessions.

"It's 9.45, he was up till 3.30 on his castle," Victoria complained on Instagram.

Victoria has previously claimed the Lego Hogwarts was 'ruining her life'.
Instagram/Victoria Beckham

David informed her that he still had 10 bags of bricks left as he battled through the build.

"FFs... It is 00.18am and he is still up building this Lego! Been building ALL day!" Victoria added. "He is at it again... This castle is ruining my life now!"

But the nightmare has started all over again for Victoria, because David has clearly got the bug.

Not content with building his castle, he's decided to expand his Hogwarts empire; her latest Instagram story shows David with a brew, making pre-build checks on a Lego Hogwarts Express train.

She's captioned it: "It's for 8-year-olds so it shouldn't take too long right?!"

I think we both know the answer to that one, don't we Vic?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/victoriabeckham

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