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Meet The Instagram Girl Who's The Spitting Image Of Megan Fox

Meet The Instagram Girl Who's The Spitting Image Of Megan Fox

There are some pretty shocking celebrity lookalikes doing the rounds - the lad who used benefits to pay for plastic surgery to make him resemble David Beckham might be the prime example.

However, every now and then you get a corker - especially when minimal work is required to look like the A-lister.

One American girl looks so much like Megan Fox that it wouldn't seem too much of a stretch to ask if they're related...


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(NB - they're not).

Bethany Anya, from Minnesota, has collected quite the following on Instagram due to her similarities to Tennessee-born Fox.

The 26-year-old has over 16,000 followers on the social media platform, with images displaying a pout that bears a marked likeness to the Transformers actress.


"It's very flattering; I see it from time to time but I mostly just think I resemble myself," Bethany said.

"I have gotten comments that I look like her but I'm a much taller version with many more tattoos. I'm a little apathetic about it but it's always nice to be compared to someone so lovely.

"I think she is incredible smart and witty, way more than people give her credit for. She tends to get brought up just for her looks but she's certainly much more than a beautiful woman."


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Bethany, a laboratory technician and artist, said that the comparison has raised more awareness for her art, which she loves.

She added that her own look is different to Megan Fox's, although her gothic fashion sense could be compared to Fox's appearance in 2009 horror-comedy, Jennifer's Body.

Bethany said: "It's gotten my art more attention and that is ultimately what I want to use Instagram for, but unfortunately in this day and age, being a pretty face gets you more noticed than your talent does. But I'd like to change that.


"I'm a minimalist when it comes to my look and fashion. I might splurge on a bright red lipstick but that's about as dramatic as I get.

"I usually wear black basic clothes as I work most of the time and haven't got time to dress up. On makeup, I spend about $25 (£18) a month, give or take, and take around 15 to 20 minutes applying it every morning.

"When I'm not in the laboratory, I'm painting, drawing or spending time with my amazing friends. I'm incredibly blessed to have the things I have in life and being compared to Megan is just an added bonus."


As well as appearing in New Girl in 2017, Fox's next movie adventure will see her star in Zeroville - due to be released in 2018.

The film is based on a young seminarian who worships film and arrives in Hollywood in 1969, at a time when the old studios are being taken over by young maverick filmmakers.

Zeroville also stars James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jacki Weaver and Will Ferrell.

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