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US Police Officer Is Regularly Mistaken For The Rock

US Police Officer Is Regularly Mistaken For The Rock

Eric Fields says it's been a 'long running joke' that he looks like the movie star

An Alabama police office has found himself at the centre of an internet phenomenon after locals pointed out his apparently uncanny likeness to Dwayne Johnson.

Facebook/Morgan County Sheriff's Office

Yes, supposedly the man you see above you is the spitting image of the wrestler-turned-Hollywood mega star.

The image shows Morgan County Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields posing alongside a Walmart worker, along with the caption: "This gentlemen recently ran into Sgt. Mason and informed him he wanted to meet our Deputy that people say looks like 'The Rock'.

"Sgt. Mason passed that along and Lieutenant Fields was happy to swing by the Hartselle Walmart to see him. Tyler is one of their many hardworkers and it was great to meet him and some of his coworkers!"

The real Dwayne Johnson.
Instagram/The Rock

It has since drawn loads of shares and comments as people have flocked to see Fields and comment on his likeness to the Jumanji star.

As well as attracting more than 200 hundred comments on Facebook in agreement that he does in fact look like Dwayne Johnson.

Facebook/Morgan County Sheriff's Office

We can sort of see it: like The Rock he isn't lacking in the muscle department and also has a cleanly shaven head, but we'd probably plump for Vin Diesel if we were going to compare him to an action movie star.

We're not the only ones, as Fields himself admitted to The Birmingham News the Fast & Furious star is another of his apparent lookalikes.

"I've been called The Rock and Vin Diesel's love child," Fields said.

"I go along with it. It's humorous. It's flattering. It could be worse people, I guess."

The officer admitted that he does find the attention difficult, and can't really be anyone other than himself if members of the public do come up to him asking him about his resemblance. He does say, though, that he will try and do impressions of both The Rock and Vin Diesel if pushed.

"I don't want to disappoint anybody," Fields said.

"I walk up one day and at a different angle, I don't know. It's flattering, but it's also a little nerve-racking as far as what others expect I guess.

"I just plan on being me. I'll cut up. I'm a big cut-up. If it comes up and somebody says that, I'll play along. I really couldn't be anybody but me. I'm just glad I could be part of someone's happiness and laughter."

Fame hasn't changed Fields, though. He's worked for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office for 17 years including at the local jail, in investigations, in the special victims unit and with drug-endangered children. He was then sworn in as a Deputy U.S. Marshal.

He was later promoted to corporal, before working his way up from sergeant to lieutenant over patrol. In his current position, he handles tactical training... if you smell what The Rock is cookin'.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Facebook/Morgan County Sheriff's Office

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