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Builder Dad Constructs Water Park In His Back Garden During Lockdown

Builder Dad Constructs Water Park In His Back Garden During Lockdown

The dad made an eight-metre-long slide straight into his pool

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A builder dad has transformed his back garden into a water park, complete with a eight-metre-long slide.

Nick Smith decided to make the most of his construction skills while unable to work during lockdown by creating the isolation garden of dreams for just £300 ($370).

The 32-year-old bought supplies to make the slide which he directed straight into the family's pool, which they already owned before lockdown.

Nick, who lives in Bexley, London, placed the slide on top of a treehouse, which had built previously and says his two little girls Isabella, seven, and Amelia, five, have been using it constantly since.

The whole family got involved in making the slide, with the two youngsters helping to sand the wood and Nick's partner Jess's brother Jack, 16, helping out to lift some of the heavier parts.

Nick said: "I'm a massive kid. I think I'm enjoying the slide just as much as the girls.

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"The girls have been on the slide all day, every day since it's been up. Even when it's been raining, I've had to drag them back inside the house.

"Every day they're up to something. It's been a huge hit with them. And me too!

"Our neighbours have already said they can't wait to go on it after lockdown. They've got three kids and they're looking forward to going on it.

"The girls absolutely love it. They have not been bored once yet in this lockdown. We haven't had any tantrums. It's just finding the right things for them to do."

Kennedy News and Media

The makeshift water park isn't Nick's first creation either, he's previously built his own assault course featuring a zipwire and the treehouse, which now props up the slide. Anyone else wish this was their garden?

Nick added: "I've got ADHD so, for me, staying in the house is a nightmare. I've been doing things with the kids so we're staying busy and occupied.

"To be honest, in the last six weeks we've never been closer, it's really brought us together.

"We're starting to run out of space now. There's just enough space for a big seesaw, which is my next project.

"Being together has been so important for us. Work is very stressful for me, it's 24/7, I have no switch off.

"At the minute, all I've got to worry about is nothing. I know we've got no work to do so I can focus on the kids, it's been bliss."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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